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Music Fog Marathon In Austin

So we don’t call them showcases (well, we shouldn't), and sure enough, it isn’t official, but the Music Fog cameras will be rolling from Wednesday, March 16th to Saturday, March 19th at Threadgill's South in Austin, Texas. We start when the doors open at 11 am each day, and we get done, well, when we are done. That’s why we call it this one the Music Fog takes a bit of stamina to get through all four days! There will be an abundance of bounty in the music AND the refreshment divisions. And no badges, no admission charges, just great food and fun. Come eat, drink, and be merry!

Music Fog has completed putting our roster together. It is signed, sealed and delivered. We will be filming live performances from the stage in the back room at Threadgill’s South, 301 West Riverside in South Austin. We will have plenty of Aleve® on hand, but just for us, not for you. We were thinking Aleve and 5-hour ENERGY® should be our new sponsors! If you drink 3 of them, that's 15 hours of energy, right?! Now normally, we do our thing behind closed doors; on a bus, in a condo, or some other unpublicized location. But our unofficial program during SXSW® Music week is quite the opposite. We love having company for some chicken fried steak, and cobbler and Blue Bell ice cream, and lest we forget, Threadgill’s is all about eating your vegetables! There are an outstanding amount of them on the menu, and it is not uncommon to have yourself a vegetable plate...pick three or even five! And don’t forget the drinks! There will be booze of pretty colors, and my brown liquor, and Beans' drink of choice, the Skinny Bitch.

But most of all, there will be music. Oh, you can go ahead and count them yourself, but there are 44 bands that will grace the Music Fog stage at Threadgill's. Yup, that's a music marathon! Our schedule and set times are below, and please note that each artist will play a 20 minute set and then clear the stage for the next setup. Can't wait to see you there! 

- Jessie Scott

 Wednesday March 16, 2011 

  • 11:10 AM  Alessi's Ark
  • 11:40 AM  Heidi Spencer
  • 12:20 PM  Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils
  • 1:20 PM   Uncle Lucius
  • 2:10 PM   Brian Wright
  • 2:40 PM   Guy Forsyth
  • 3:20 PM   Foster & Lloyd
  • 4:20 PM   The Civil Wars
  • 5:20 PM   Ray Wylie Hubbard
  • 6:20 PM   The Trishas
  • 7:20 PM   Citizens Band Radio

Thursday March 17, 2011

  • 11:20 AM  Wagons
  • 12:10 PM  Jonny Burke
  • 12:40 PM  Jackson Parten
  • 1:20 PM   Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe Seven
  • 2:20 PM   Dash Rip Rock
  • 3:20 PM   Tim Easton
  • 4:10 PM   Susan Gibson
  • 4:40 PM   Lisa Morales
  • 5:20 PM   Stone River Boys
  • 6:20 PM   Amy LaVere
  • 7:10 PM   Jon Dee Graham
  • 7:40 PM   Rod Picott

Friday March 18, 2011

  • 11:20 AM  The Chapin Sisters
  • 12:10 PM  Robert Ellis
  • 12:40 PM  Ron Sexsmith
  • 1:20 PM   Ponderosa
  • 2:20 PM   Deadman
  • 3:20 PM   Jimmy LaFave
  • 4:20 PM   Dave Alvin
  • 5:20 PM   Malford Milligan
  • 6:20 PM   Carolyn Wonderland
  • 7:20 PM   Brigitte DeMeyer

Saturday March 19, 2011

  • 11:10 AM  Lincoln Durham
  • 11:40 AM  Colin Gilmore
  • 12:20 PM  Zoe Muth
  • 1:20 PM   Eilen Jewell
  • 2:20 PM   Bonnie Whitmore
  • 3:10 PM   Eddie Spaghetti
  • 3:40 PM   Matt Hillyer
  • 4:20 PM   Jack Grace Band
  • 5:20 PM   Ha Ha Tonka
  • 6:20 PM   Ruby James
  • 7:20 PM   Waco Brothers

Reader Comments (1)

Wow, what a great lineup! Ron Sexsmith, Eddie Spaghetti, Foster & Lloyd, Eilen Jewell, Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison, Dave Alvin, Dash Rip Rock, Bonnie Whitmore, Waco Brothers... all good! I'm really bummed I'm not gonna be there this year! Have a great time!

March 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBill Frater

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