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Luke Olson "Everyday"

Today is an homage to love that has been separated; whether by jobs in different cities or by military assignment. It is ever so hard to keep it together when you are not in the same place, but true love and commitment somehow prevails. I want to take a minute to honor our Armed Forces. I saw a mom in the supermarket yesterday with two kids under three years old. She is raising them on her own, as her husband is overseas in Afghanistan. I overheard her story while waiting in line at the checkout. You know we thank our uniform military regularly for their service, as they are easy to spot. But I would like to thank their spouses, too, for doing a heroic job indeed.

Today's song is one from the heart by Luke Olson. He came to visit Music Fog in our temporary studio at the Steamboat Grand during MusicFest last month. He has been performing since the age of eight, singing and playing to appreciative audiences all over Texas with five albums to his credit. One of my favs is his 1999 release Panhandle Sunset, which was produced by the legendary Lloyd Maines. We got to play that one back in the old days at X Country. Today's video is a song from his latest album Red River Blue, love that title! When I checked what we are posting today, the DJ in me starting reeling. How many different songs can you name that are called "Everyday," or have the lyric "Everyday" featured prominently in the song. Let's do an hour's worth! There's Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, Dave Matthews Band, etc...! We'll get it started with Luke Olson, "Everyday."

- Jessie Scott

Everyday - Red River Blue

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