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Randy Weeks "Lucky Day"

When you get right down to it, the dance card for music events for the first few months of the year is pretty cool thing indeed: MusicFest at Steamboat,the Delbert McClinton Sandy Beaches Cruise, followed by Cayamo, then Folk Alliance which will take place in Kansas City in February. There are so many opportunities to congregate and share the music we love. I hope all these things are on your radar, and that you are able to go get yourself some!

Since these events are not on the Music Fog agenda this year, we have figured out a way to create our own. We are doing a mini Music Fog Marathon this Sunday afternoon in NYC at Midtown Live. The Foggers are excited to be "in session" again.

We can't wait to create some new content. And who knows, we might just have a slot open for your band, if you are in, or are able to get to the New York area. For consideration, please post a video link of a song to our Facebook page ASAP.  If you are selected, we will let you know by Friday for a Sunday afternoon slot. Who knows, it just might be your lucky day.

We have such fond memories of Folk Alliance, when Music Fog was just starting out. We parked a bus outside the host hotel in Memphis, and everyone was trying to guess who was on the bus: was it Dylan, Pete Seeger, who could it be? Nope just us Foggers. We cherish the time we got to spend plying our craft and capturing amazing music. Today's video is from Folk Alliance 2010 in Memphis, as Randy Weeks is in the spotlight. It's easy breezy stuff, from the guy who wrote "Can't Let Go." "Lucky Day" from the Music Fog bus.

- Jessie Scott


Charlie Robison "Beautiful Day"

New Year, New You, New Day for us, too! While we were all out partying and paying attention to other stuff, Music Fog quietly hit another milestone, surpassing 28 million views of our nearly 1000 videos on our YouTube Channel. And though I know that we have all been celebrating for the last two weeks, this does call for a celebration of its own. Later this month, Music Fog jumps behind the cameras to capture lightning in a bottle, as we invite musicians to record sessions in a quiet corner of my new club, Midtown Live at 251 West 30th, in New York City. The crew: Aaron, Beans, Chris, and me, will be primping and fussing and setting lights and building out our equipment to welcome artists into our space. We haven’t been together for a shoot for a while, and we are excited!

In past years during this week, we might just have been found in the Rocky Mountains. Ahhh, to be on the slopes of Steamboat for MusicFest. To all our friends who are lucky enough to be there this year, the 30th Anniversary, Music Fog says “Happy Steamboat!” It is a fine adventure in slowing time down to savor the experience of great music, good times, and brotherhood that spans the years. You should go sometime, heck we should all go next year!!!

From MusicFest 2011 in Steamboat Springs, we caught up with Charlie Robison to listen at his knee to his song “Beautiful Day.” Wishing beautiful days the whole year through from us Foggers to you! Happy New Year.

- Jessie Scott