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The Damn Quails "So So Long"

The Lone Star Café in New York City was the epicenter of the roots music world for those of us living in NYC, starting in 1976. It drew together musicians, journalists, television folks, and professional athletes to eat some Texas Chili and hear authentic and joyous music. Folk, Blues, Rockabilly, Country; it spanned the genres, and it was a great hang. Mort Cooperman guided the Lone Star, bringing together a glittering array of artists on the stage, a cast of characters on the staff, and a who’s who of attendees in the house. Back then, I was dee-jaying the evening show at New York’s Country station WHN, and we did many a live broadcast from there. FOREVER, I have been wanting to salute this legendary venue. And at last, we are! Lone Star-er Cleve Hattersley from Greezy Wheels and I teamed up to present The Lone Star Reunion at BB King’s in NYC on August 13th, with appearances from Greezy Wheels, Kinky Friedman, Commander Cody, Robert Gordon, Chinga Chavin, Carolyn Wonderland, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Tony Garnier, Corky Laing, the list goes on and on. And you never know who else might stop by!

As we are gathering the members of the tribe, we need some help to find Scotty Palmer. Cleve provides a bit of background:

“Scott ‘Zonker’ Palmer was as much a part of the original Lone Star Cafe as the iguana on the roof or the real Texas chili that oozed out of the kitchen. Scotty’s actual job title was probably ‘bar back’ or ‘porter,’ but we never called him either. We just hollered for Scott, whenever more beer needed to be brought up three flights of stairs from the basement to the second floor bar, or the sewer backed up in that same basement. Scotty, a connoisseur of fine herb (and always willing to share), is/was also a fine poet. In fact, his entire life is a poem. An ode, in effect, to a lifestyle. We last caught up with Scotty at the Wetlands in the early (or was it mid?) nineties, where he had the same gig. There isn’t a person on the bill of the reunion party or an ex-employee or patron who hasn’t asked if Zonker will be at the party. We certainly hope so. Come out, come out wherever you are, Scotty Palmer!”

“So So Long,” indeed! Today’s video comes from The Damn Quails. It won’t be long before we get a new CD from the Quails, as they are readying Out Of The Birdcage for release in early September. That in itself has been a long hard road, and we are so happy they fought the good fight to stay the course, get legal title to their name and make it through it all to record another album. Love this band, suffice it to say, they so would have been part of the Lone Star scene if they had been around back then. Look for them on tour in support of the new album.

Music Fog dug into our session with them during SXSW© 2012 to bring you “So So Long.” Looking forward to it all!

- Jessie Scott


Gurf Morlix "Empty Cup"

When the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band came out, I was in high school. Back in those days, we thought nothing of gathering in person to share in the bounty of someone procuring a new album. (Boy does that sound quaint in these days of solitude and earbuds.) I listened to it the first time with a group of 15 close friends, and collectively, we were blown away, all of us staring at each other with our mouths open. Don't get me wrong, we had an inkling of how advanced the Beatles were with their previous two Beatles albums, Rubber Soul and Revolver, but even so, Sgt. Pepper was a quantum leap. For its stunning production, to its wide array of song styles, to what would become touchstones, embedded in the culture through all these years. Who would have thought that one of the most familiar songs would have been the somewhat goofy "When I'm 64"?

Yesterday Gurf Morlix hit the big 64, as we at Music Fog raise a glass to him in salute, with a chorus and verse of "64" in our hearts. Gurf wisely heads for the hills in summer, leaving the heat of Austin behind for the cool green pastures of a cabin in Canada. You can catch him in Toronto next month, before he makes his way back stateside. Today's song is a pretty rare thing for Gurf, it is a love song which can be found on the album, Gurf Morlix Finds The Present Tense, which was released in 2013. The song was co-written with Grant Peeples, and us Foggers got to record it back in 2011 at AmericanaFest in Nashville. Happy Birthday Gurf!


- Jessie Scott