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Dale Watson "Bug Ya For Love"

So much music, so little time! I am super excited to tell you that the Music Fog crew has just gotten back from Nashville, where we filmed some 15 artists at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage. Our utmost thanks to Ron Brice, Kathy Mac, Santo, and the rest of the staff for welcoming us into their home, and letting us get a little loud in the middle of the day. We will start to roll those videos out for you in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, it was a particularly busy and musical January, what with MusicFest at Steamboat and then the cruises; Sandy Beaches, Cayamo, and more. I am delighted to be in Miami to attend the Shore Leave Showdown tonight and tomorrow, to benefit The Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti, for his cancer fund. It is the unofficial launch party for the Sirius/XM Outlaw Country Cruise which sets sail on Sunday. So many musicians we know and love will be rocking the boat!

Photo Credit: Sarah WilsonOne of the artists participating in the pre-party and cruise is Dale Watson. Once he returns from that, the Ameripolitan Music Awards will be happening on February 16 at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. Dale has become a one-man cheerleading squad for all the righteous Country forms, and the Ameripolitan Awards salutes the folks keeping the flame lit for Western Swing, Rockabilly, Outlaw Country, and Honky Tonk. Music Fog had the great good fortune to film Dale and the Lone Stars last year, in New York City. They make it look so easy! “Bug Ya For Love” can be found on Dale’s most recent album Call Me Insane. Here is the Music Fog version, enjoy, and see you somewhere soon; on the road, on the high seas, in Nashville, in Austin, wherever fine music is being made!

- Jessie Scott


Micky Braun "The Band Song"

Happy New Year, and while we're at it, Happy Steamboat! For a decade, I have made my way to MusicFest in Steamboat Springs, but unfortunately I had missed it for the last few years. Needless to say it is great to be back. Monday night was check-in night, so it was a time for the artists to greet one another and for everyone to get settled in. I got to go to the artist reception, with everyone sharing hugs and smiles and chat for this 'extended family' vacation, with music! Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, the Reckless Kelly boys, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis, Charlie Robison, Uncle Lucius, Dustin Welch, Gary P. Nunn, Kelley Mickwee, Jamie Lin Wilson, Jason Eady, Jason Boland, and Micky & The Motorcars were in the house, a veritable smorgasbord of Music Fog artists!

Today's video is from MusicFest at Steamboat in 2011 from Micky Braun, of Micky and the Motorcars. They are presently writing, and are expecting to deliver their next record in fall of this year. They have been plenty busy touring though, and have been to Europe three times this past year, twice to Germany, and to play the Country Rendezvous Festival in France. We look forward to new music, and a kickass week on the 'boat. Since the rest of the Music Fog crew couldn't attend this year, we look back a bit to a video from MusicFest in 2011, here is "The Band Song."

- Jessie Scott