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Darrell Scott "River Take Me"

Monday morning, and I don’t want to break the reverie of the weekend. Not that I actually have a job to report to. Jobs are hard to find, as we all know. So you gotta do what you can. For me, that means making the decision to be self-disciplined every day. I never did like having to punch a clock much, but I do have the utmost respect for people who do what they must, because that is the only way their families will thrive. It is impossible to believe that there just aren’t enough jobs to go around anymore. I would love to see the 10% or 9% of America’s unemployed get back to work, but don’t get me started!

“The river can drown you or wash you clean.” So writes Darrell Scott, of a man out of work, with the rain coming down. His lyrics carry you through all kinds of emotions, just in this one song. It is a thing of wonder to be able to write the way Darrell does. Not to mention to be able to sing and play the way he does, too. There are a smattering of solo tour dates coming, and then more ahead with Band Of Joy. They are all a thing of beauty, and I encourage you to catch this remarkable troubadour in action. Here is a taste, Darrell Scott with one of the songs from his album Theater Of The Unheard. It is the Music Fog version of “River Take Me,” recorded in September at the Americana Fest in Nashville.

- Jessie Scott

River Take Me - Theatre of the Unheard

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