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Jenny Leigh "Talk Myself Out"

AMERICANAFEST® is next week! Fans, friends, colleagues, and artists are all so excited to be attending this one, the 20th annual Americana Music Festival and Conference. Over 300 artists will be playing official showcases, and there are parties and panels all over Nashville. As I have said before, if you love Americana Music, this week is where you can drink deep from the well. If you are not planning on making your way here this year, consider doing it next year! Click here for the details.

Music discovery quickens my pulse, when a new song touches your heart. I especially love when it is delivered with crystalline vocals that makes the heartache palpable. Such is the power of Jenny Leigh. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she is now Nashville based. You might recognize her from season 6 of the TV show Nashville on CMT. This one leaves it all on the floor. Here is the Music Fog recording of “Talk Myself Out.”

- Jessie Scott

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