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Watson Twins "Hustle and Shake"

Happy Labor Day. This is the weekend we might thank Labor Unions for 5 day weeks, 8 hour days, weekends off. The occasional 3 day weekend is always a wonderful time to take a deep breath and recalibrate. Enjoy this last weekend of summer, well unofficially, anyway.

The Watson Twins have accompanied countless artists with glorious backing vocals, likely the most famous of them is the Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins “Rise Up With Fists!!” a song I dearly love to this day. In fact, the sisters are on tour now, opening for Jenny Lewis, and they've also been added to the Pilgimage Festival in Franklin, TN September 21st & 22nd.

Around five years ago, the twins decided to come back to the South, leaving L.A. behind, to relocate to the adjacent state of their Kentucky childhood. Nashville loves them, and I hope they feel the same way about Music City. They were inspired by being here to write together for their latest album, and of course all is graced by their impeccable close harmonies. The song “Hustle & Shake” can be found on the Duo album from last year. Here is the Music Fog recording, Chandra and Leigh Watson, AKA The Watson Twins, from a private session this past February in Nashville.

- Jessie Scott

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