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Lilly Hiatt "Sucker"

Happy 5th! Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! I celebrated at Nashville’s Hot Chicken Festival, where the lines were crazy long for each hot chicken purveyor. Folks were inching along under threatening skies, with the occasional raindrop hinting of the possibility of a gulley washer at any moment. Such is the magnetic capability of Hot Chicken. Next time you are in Nashville you have to try some, and beware, some of it is massively hot. My friend Rich Mahan just put out a song about it on his new album Hot Chicken Wisdom called “Hot Chicken and an Ice Cold 40.”

Today marks another sort of milestone, it is Music Fog’s 1,000th video! We are celebrating too, as Music Fog is in its 10th year of bringing you intimate performances with beautiful pictures and awesome audio. Today’s artist is Lilly Hiatt. Yes, her Dad is indeed John Hiatt. Lilly’s most recent album is Trinity Lane, which is another East Nashville reference. The album bravely puts it out there, and Lilly rocks hard. You need to see her play, as well as getcha some hot chicken, dinner and a show! Here is the Music Fog video of “Sucker,” from that album. We filmed it in Nashville back in February.

- Jessie Scott

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