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Adam Wakefield "Breaking Strings"

Nashville’s creative community continues to grow and morph into a many splendored landscape, with lots of scenes wrapping around the musical flavors. And then there is a smoke-signal-like communication when something special is happening. It was last summer that I started hearing about Adam Wakefield. Word on the street was that he had made a stellar album, and I caught him playing tunes from it first at The Basement. The album was produced by Scotty Murray from Anderson East’s band, and since then, I have had multiple Adam Wakefield sightings, and hearings, too. He is in the vein of the school of sultry Southern Rock - the one Chris Stapleton comes from, and yes, Adam was on The Voice, where he wowed folks.

That Adam Wakefield album is Gods & Ghosts, and it has a tune that I am crazy about called “Breaking Strings.” I edited the swear world out of the album track to be able to play it on the radio on WMOT, but as it is Adam’s latest single, there is now a more professional clip on the word in question. What can I say, radio still has those old school profanity rules, even though the amount of swearing you hear on live TV is pretty amped up lately. Music Fog filmed this version of “Breaking Strings” in February, during a private recording session in Nashville.

- Jessie Scott

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