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Mike Farris "Tennessee Girl"

So many hot days this year! As I talk to folks all over the country, everyone seems to be steaming this summer. Hope you are getting to the beach or the lake or the pool, somewhere with sparking water dancing in the sun. Summertime is like taking a vacation; it takes time to unwind to meet it, and then you have to wind back up to the usual speed of life well before it ends. As we are in the middle, now’s the time to stretch out.

Today we have a languorous song that will do the trick. What is it about a guy with a guitar that mesmerizes me? Especially if that guy is Mike Farris! Music Fog has had the honor of filming Mike over these past 10 years, in lots of different places and configurations. You know he put out a new album, right? Silver & Stone is a powerful piece of work, where Mike soars and shines and the band simply cooks. Music Fog captured Mike solo in February (thus the hat). He charms on this self-penned tale of love, “Tennessee Girl,” one of the songs on the new album. Here ‘tis the Music Fog recording.

- Jessie Scott

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