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Sarah Potenza - Keep on Holdin'

SXSW© is in full swing for 2019, with musicians scurrying around town to get to the next gig. Parking karma is most welcome this time of year. Speaking of, it is spring in Austin and it is just gorgeous. It will be hot soon, but right now it is perfect.

Perfect days include music, and I am so happy to be presenting 30 artists this week for WMOT Roots Radio, as we broadcast and webcast live from The Backstage at El Mercado. Among those 30 is one larger than life persona, Sarah Potenza. She is the embodiment of female empowerment, of seizing the day and going after what you want. Sarah has a new album out, Road to Rome. At the start of February, she came to play with Ian Crossman for the Music Fog cameras. Here is the our recording of "Keep On Holding." Right before she started playing it she called it "the story of my life..." Play on Sarah, and Happy Birthday!

- Jessie Scott

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