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Will Hoge "Nikki's a Republican Now"

Just back from Austin, and though I am still lit up at the music we presented from thirty bands at The Backstage at El Mercado on WMOT Roots Radio, I gotta tell you I am still a bit tired. Ah well, there is time for sleep later. Right at the beginning of February, Music Fog filmed 29 artists, and we are rolling out one a week from those 10th Anniversary Sessions, so look for a new video every Friday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get first alerts of video premeires, and to interact with the MF tribe, which has grown to over 81,000 subscribers! We absolutely love to share this music with you.

Will Hoge returns to the Music Fog cameras, and it is so good to have him back. Today's song is brought to you with the best folk-singer intentions. I typically don't get political, but we sure don't stop our artists from exploring. Will has been incredibly productive lately, putting out an album called Anchors in 2017, then turning out another in 2018, My American Dream. The latter is quite the political statement, written as a commentary on the world his children are growing up in. From it, we bring you the Music Fog recording of "Nikki's A Republican Now." Seriously, it could happen to anyone!

- Jessie Scott

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