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Wade Bowen "Say Anything"

I know I know, it is still hot as Hades. Yes, September and Labor Day are approaching, and then the fourth quarter kicks into high gear. I can tell the season is changing from the amount of new music that is slated to come out in the next few months. The Christmas rush is on! At least, in the music industry, this is the time to start putting music out that might become a stocking stuffer. (One for my friend and one for myself!) So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that we acknowledge the first day availability for the 2013 MusicFest at Steamboat Springs, CO.

Now, for my money, this is the most perfect way to start the year, up in the mountains with friends and family, winter sports, and kick ass music. This year’s event is scheduled for January 5th through 10th. Here is the link.  It is coming up on two years ago that Music Fog was there. We had set up shop at The Steamboat Grand Hotel. We had a connecting room between bedrooms, they call it a parlor. Glory be, we had a kitchen, so we got busy every day feeding the bands the plat du jour; Green Chili Stew, Boeuf Bourguignon, Carnitas.

The music washed over us as we filmed it. It was spectacular. And from that event, we have a Wade Bowen video to bring you today. What a year he has had! The album, The Given, was released in May to roars of approval, and even cross-over radio play for the song “Saturday Night.” Wade, we are so proud of you! You will find the original of “Say Anything,” on that album. Here is the solo acoustic Music Fog version, from January 2011.  

- Jessie Scott

Say Anything - The Given

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