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White Violet "Lays Around Lazy"

Wow, here in Texas, school is back in. It is not even Labor Day yet! If you love summer, you might be feeling sorrowful to see it go. Those of us that love fall and the change of seasons seem to be quickened by ‘the season’ starting up. The world just feels like it spins faster in the months coming up to the end of the year. Not to mention, when you live in the sun belt, there are weekends galore to keep doing all the outside stuff. Right now, I only go out at night, it is just too hot during the day.

 White Violet has todays video, which somehow feels to me like an autumn song. I picture curling up with a book in the upstairs window seat, peering out at leaves falling. White Violet is one of the bands on the new Normaltown label out of Athens, Georgia, an imprint from New West Records.

"Hiding, Mingling," their new album, came out last week. Vaughan Lamb, Brad Elliott, Josh McCauley and Nate Nelson, have a way of taking the songs that Nate has been writing for the last ten years, and turning them into dreamy soundscapes that allow for the mood to encompass you. BTW, there is a limited edition 7inch of this song that can be picked up at White Violet's dates.  Also, you can download it for free at We filmed White Violet at our Spring Music Fog Marathon at Threadgill’s WHQ in March on Austin. Here is “Lays Around Lazy.”

- Jessie Scott

Lays Around Lazy - Hiding Mingling

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