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Gary P. Nunn "London Homesick Blues"

My last night In Nashville was Friday night, and I got to attend a great party at the office of Red Beet Records, with gracious hosts Eric Brace and Mary Ann Werner. They have a studio/stage set up in the corner of their workspace, and there were SO many wonderful players, trading licks into the night. Many of them live in East Nashville (and many of them have appeared in front of the Music Fog cameras), and we rocked the night away. I savor these moments, as this is what it is all about. The fraternity, the sharing of time and music and love. I can't even list all the players, as I am sure I would leave someone out! It was a simply remarkable night where the players kept changing, but the music was consistently sublime! I had a friend who used to sign off on her letters (back when people wrote letters) "Drink Deep, Never Thirst." Words to take to heart, a method of living, a mindset that allows you to embrace the moment. A couple of days ago, when I got to town, Eric played me the new Tom T. Hall tribute album that he and Peter Cooper produced. It is coming out soon, and you won't believe how reverent, and how awesome it is.

These were two trips back to back for me, having been at MusicFest in Steamboat Springs before I made my way to Nashville. Yaws! Now at Steamboat, you know we filmed so many artists there, and that we are trying to bring this content to you as fast as we can. And you know we love segueing daily between legends and brand new artists, old friends and new. There is a continuum to it all, it is great to see the tradition being passed down, the torch still burning bright of this real American music. Music Fog gets to be a fly on the wall! One of the for sure highlights of our shoot in Colorado, was the visit of Gary P. Nunn and his band. It was the first time that they made their way to MusicFest, and our first session with them, too. Righteous wordsmith, national treasure, Texas favorite son. Here he is in all his glory, as we go Home with the Armadillo.

- Jessie Scott

London Homesick Blues (Home With the Armadillo) - Home With the Armadillo

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