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New Country Rehab "Cameo"

I'm just back from a quick trip to Nashville, and getting ready to hit the road for Muscle Shoals, Alabama, as Music Fog travels to produce a live pay-per-view webcast with Paul Thorn on Saturday, January 29th. Can't wait! Groundbreaking stuff, don't you know. So Sunday is catch up day for me. TV, crossword puzzles, brunch, kicking back. At my computer, I have been chasing down the foxhole of videos sent my way. It is an endlessly interesting endeavor, spanning music as varied as from the hipster to ambient to heavy metal. But alas, I am a sucker for fiddle, it just touches my heart. We love the earthy country flavored sounds here. Especially when they are so faithfully rendered. Got a new band for you today, they are called New Country Rehab, and they are yet another out of the roots music cavalcade in Canada. Their self-titled album just dropped earlier this week, on 1/11/11.

The song we bring you is "Cameo." It is based on the true story of a woman’s escape from the Nazis on skis through the mountains. Another layer was added to it, the invented story of the granddaughter of that woman fleeing a situation of love gone wrong with the same cameo in her pack. The band performs dates north of the border, before dropping down to appear at Folk Alliance 2011 in Memphis mid February.

- Jessie Scott

Cameo - New Country Rehab

Reader Comments (1)

I enjoyed the music of the song very much, but I found the lyrics too esoteric for my enjoyment.

January 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRoberta SchulbergGoro

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