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Seth Walker "Underdog"

I love living in the South for so many reasons, and topping that list has to be that this is where so much of our American music comes from. The Mojo Triangle extends from Nashville to Memphis to New Orleans. It is the geographic region where the Big Bang of American Music 'happened.' It was the imprinting on each other of musical traditions from Native Americans, African Americans, and Europeans that caused its birth, and the many splendid musical traditions that have grown from it over the years. If you want to know more, there is a book and a travel guide. The area was recently renamed The Americana Triangle, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to feel the earth and ethos of where the music emerged. I highly recommend a road trip!

Seth Walker has today’s video, and his music embodies so much of that Triangle good stuff. He brings a bluesy, jazzy, swingy vibe, with plenty of space to improvise. As they say, "It ain’t what you play, it’s what you don’t play." Seth has lived in North Carolina, Austin, Nashville, and New Orleans, and you can feel all those places in his music. He keeps mighty busy on the road. His tenth album, Are You Open? came out early this year, and it is where you will find the original of “Underdog.” We bring you the Music Fog recording, captured this past February in Nashville, as the new record was coming out.

- Jessie Scott

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