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Chuck Mead "Close to Home"

Back in the saddle again after road trippin’ for the month of May, and so it’s back to “work.” I have been determining sonics for the 10,000 songs in the library at my radio station, WMOT. It is a process that splits hairs a tad, trying to figure out where one genre ends and another begins can be a total judgment call. Plus, I have some whacky categories like Spaghetti Western, and Circus, the latter being the jug band or calliope influenced stuff. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Haha only kidding.

Today’s song splits the difference between Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. Chuck Mead, of BR5-49 and Million Dollar Quartet (musical) fame has a brand new album coming out on June 21st, his first in five years. Close to Home was produced by red hot Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording Studios in Memphis. Music Fog caught up with Chuck this past February in Nashville. Today’s video is the title track, “Close To Home,” solo electric style.

- Jessie Scott

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