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Todd Snider "Like a Force of Nature"

And just like that I am back in DC. Washington holds a special place in my heart. I was so honored to come to live here at the start of the century to work at XM Satellite Radio. Of course you know that all us Foggers were employed there until the merger. Long before that, I spent time marching on the Mall, Anti War, Pro Civil Rights and the like, and I was always taken by the beauty of this city and by its gravitas. Accompanying all of that, of course, was the folk music of the day. It was a call to action, a builder of common ground. A movement.

Todd Snider is a folk singer. Folk singers deliver the goods with a very sparse accompaniment, in this case, just an acoustic guitar and harp. They cast a canny eye on life, so much so that recognition sparks within the creation. Todd performs “Like A Force of Nature” one of the tracks on his new Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3, that were recorded in the Cash Cabin. Yes, that would be Johnny Cash. Vol 1 & 2 have yet to see light of day, but no matter. Todd goes back to the simplicity of the song, to the eternal energy of folk. With a bit of musical flourish at the end, that I'll leave as a surprise for you. Tada! Here is “Like A Force of Nature” filmed during a private Music Fog session in Nashville.

- Jessie Scott

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