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Liz Brasher "Cold Baby"

It has been quite the week, as WMOT commemorated the moment it first signed on the air 50 years ago with a live broadcast. Liz Brasher was on hand. AJ Croce joined us, as did Adam Wakefield and his amazing band. Look for video from Adam here at Music Fog before too long. I like to reminisce about milestones like this. What was happening in music in 1969 was nothing short of the tectonic plates shifting. Take Woodstock and Altamont, for instance, they were miles apart and stark opposites in just a few short months. Woodstock is about to celebrate its 50th, and today’s Music Fog video comes from Liz Brasher, who has been asked to perform at Woodstock.

Liz is an amazing creature; big powerful voice, bad ass guitar slinger, band leader extraordinaire, and quite the music historian as well. Her travels have taken her from North Carolina, to Chicago, to now making her home in Memphis. Today’s song was written in Chicago, in the chill of winter, but she takes that somewhere else with “Cold Baby.” Here is the Music Fog video of NPR Music Slingshot artist Liz Brasher.

- Jessie Scott

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