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Sierra Hull "Black River"

Wow, Daylight Saving Time has ended, and now the season changing is upon us. The stores are already stocking Holiday goodies of every description. Loudon Wainwright III has a great song that speaks to the whiplash that we experience post Halloween, called Suddenly It’s Christmas. I have already made the necessary travel plans that one must book months in advance. Though when I fly through Chicago in the wintertime, I always wonder if I will make it through if there is weather. I almost didn’t one year, heading to MusicFest at Steamboat. My producer was on the next flight out, and it took her two extra days to get there. But I digress. Yikes, winter is coming, and now we will be plunged into darkness earlier in the evening. It will feel like a thousand years until March comes and the clocks change once again.

Sierra Hull has the wistful tune for today, “Black River.” We filmed her back in January at 3rd & Linsdley Backstage in Nashville, when Weighted Mind was just coming out. Congrats to Sierra for being awarded Mandolin Player of the Year at the IBMA’s in Raleigh, NC in September, which she hosted along with Dan Tyminski. You can catch Sierra touring until the Christmas break, and then picking right back up after the holidays and getting back to it. You owe it to yourself to see her. We are excited to bring you the Music Fog version of "Black River,” a timeless and hauntingly beautiful song.

- Jessie Scott

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