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Over The Rhine "Only God Can Save Us Now"

I call New York City a contact sport. Most people who don’t live here think it is an unfriendly, foreboding place. Really nothing could be further from the truth. There is the burgeoning realization here that we are all in it together. Saturday night there was a gaggle of club kids on my subway car, well dressed with the least possible amount of clothing on. Snap judgments aside, upon talking to them, I found out that they were actors, and coming home for seeing a show on Broadway. They were cultured, multiracial, educated, and full of joy. People watching reigns supreme here. Not to mention, the chasing of dreams is a high art form in this city.

Over The Rhine is dream chasing, too, as they want to record two albums this year. They are doing a house concert at their farm on May 26th to raise money for the project. We love self-funded, self-propelled projects. It keeps the vision focused. Over The Rhine has been passionately following their own path for over two decades now. This is music infused with milk and honey. Music Fog caught up with Over The Rhine during Americana Fest 2010, when The Long Surrender, was soon to be released. Here are multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Linford Detweiler and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Karin Bergquist, AKA OTR, with “Only God Can Save Us Now.”

-Jessie Scott

Only God Can Save Us Now - The Long Surrender (Bonus Track Version)

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