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Shurman "Hometown Judgement Day"

Long story short, I knew Aaron Beavers from the band Shurman back when he lived in LA, and as the fates would have it, we both wound up moving to Austin. His is a tale that mirrors the twists and turns of the state of the record biz. Label deal, then not, bad management that set him back for a year to regroup. Then a new indie oriented mindset, and a new album, accompanied by a major touring schedule. That is how you do it these days, when you do it for the love of music. I am proud of him for his perseverance, his dedication to family and music and path.

The latest album is called Inspiration, hatched when backs were up against the wall, and it was released almost exactly a year ago. I think there is always this feeling of not quite finished business when one leaves to move somewhere else, illuminated by the song "Hometown Judgement Day," from the Inspiration album, as captured by the Music Fog crew in March 2012 during the Spring Marathon at Threadgills.

-Jessie Scott

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