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Lydia Loveless "Back On The Bottle"

We used to be called the weaker sex, but coming off the Olympics, I am heartened by how much has changed for females as the decades have rolled on. Tough stuff to compete in, too the motocross, heptathlon, track and field, beach volleyball, basketball, etc. Even having women as commentators is a revelation. Little known fact. I auditioned for ABC to do local sports in New York in autumn of 1979. People at the time were incredulous. I was asked if I even knew what a Hat Trick was in hockey. I did. And having played field hockey, as well as all the other sports in high school, my athletic education was pretty well rounded. In any case, I am hoping that these Olympics have inspired yet another generation to get out from behind the sedentary computer and live it all in Technicolor reality. Get fit America!

Yes, women call be bad asses, no matter what the endeavor. Lydia Loveless is a prime example. Her debut album, Indestructible Machine was released to resounding accolades last year. We had the band come by our showcase during SXSW at Threadgill’s for the Spring Music Fog Marathon. Just a quick note, our Kickstarter campaign only has eleven more days for us to raise the funds that will allow us to travel to Nashville for the Americana Music Association Festival, where we would like to stage our Fall Music Fog Marathon. If we don’t make the goal, we don’t get any of the money, and we won’t be able to attend. If you could post, tweet, Google +, Pinterest, or email your Americana loving friends, we sure would appreciate both the pledges as well as spreading the word. Lydia Loveless and her band are going to be in Nashville for the event, here is the rest of the lineup. Wristbands are available for purchase. Lydia channels Patsy Cline on this song, “Back On The Bottle,” except, I don’t think Patsy swore. So, yes, this is your “language alert.” Don’t watch with the kids around, or while at the office unless you wear your ear buds.

-Jessie Scott


Back On the Bottle - The Only Man

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