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Mic Harrison And The High Score "Out Of The Blue"

The Music Fog Kickstarter campaign to raise money to allow us to Nashville in September is off to a slow start. We hope that if you enjoy our videos, you would in essence “pay it forward,” with a pledge to support our travels and production costs. We also hope you’d retweet and post our Kickstarter link on your Facebook page.  We have only 24 more days to hit our goal. If we don’t make it, the pledged money reverts back to you. Not to mention, Music Fog would not be in attendance at The Americana Music Association Conference IF WE DON”T RAISE THE MONEY. Sorry to yell, but we know our videos travel through the social networks, to thirsty people who are looking for music discovery delivered in a quality package. WE KNOW IT’S WORKING, and we really need your help to make our next trip a reality. We have no corporate sponsorship - eventually it will come, but not in this economic environment. we are on a mission to seek Americana Music out, and deliver it to you.

We have another exclusive video debut for you today. A couple of weeks ago, we put up another song we filmed at Americana Fest last year with Scott Miller and Mic Harrison, AKA The V-Roys. The had put out an album and did a year end concert together in 2011, and made some appearances in support of the project. They are both continue their solo pursuits, too.

Mic Harrison and The High Score have released three previous albums: Push Me On Home (2007), On the Right Side of the Grass (2008) and Great Commotion (2010)  Today’s video is “Out Of The Blue,” from their brand new album Still Wanna Fight, just released in early July. Crank it kids! This is a summer rocker, then go and see them for a fun night out.

-Jessie Scott

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