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the V-Roys "Cold Beer Hello"

Today let’s drink to beer. Especially this time of year when we are all hot, it is everywhere. The snap of the pop top, the uncapping of the bottle, the Ahhh of satisfaction after the first swig. Cold beer is written into the American DNA. Cold beer is a rallying point for musicians everywhere. Where the beer flows, the music cranks. Threadgill’s got the first beer license in Austin,TX which is why the musicians started hanging round there. It was one of the seeds planted early on for Austin’s music scene to grow.

There is evidence of beer being made and consumed as far back as 7000 years ago. The history on WIKI is a good place to start. Last year, while we were recording our Fall Music Fog Marathon in Nashville at Marathon Recorders, we had Mic Harrison and Scott Miller come by to play together as they were issuing a V-Roys reunion album called Sooner Or Later and doing a select amount of shows. There is a brand new Mic Harrison & the High Score album, Still Wanna Fight which just came out, and Scott is working on a new one too. Let us revisit a song from their collective history, that was originally released on Just Add Ice. “Cold Beer Hello.” It’s beer thirty people!

-Jessie Scott


Cold Beer Hello - Sooner or Later

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