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Steve Poltz "Dreamhouse"

You know how hard it is for musicians to make a living these days. We watch our road dog friends tour incessantly, and sell their merch off the stage, which allows them to get to the next town and then to the next. So anything the helps to make things more profitable for them is very cool in our book. Enter Tikly, a ticketing website which allows artists, venues and events to keep more of the money for each ticket they sell. So, if a ticket is $10 or less, Tikly charges the buyer an extra $1. Above that, fees are 10 percent of the transaction, up to $7.50. Just to give you a bit of insight on how fair that is, Ticketmaster fees can often add 50% per ticket. And they don’t ask for contracts or upfront fees.

They have a couple of clients we know and love, The Nadas and Steve Poltz. Music Fog got familiar with the Tikly story when they donated to our Kickstarter campaign. Steve Poltz swears by them, so much so, that he is using them for his present Australian tour.

Steve has a new album coming out next month, Noineen Noiny Noin, which was named during one of his previous Aussie jaunts. Steve asked a promoter if he remembered the year when he first came to Australia, “Oi reckon it was noineen noiny noin,” the man said, referring to the year 1999. Voila, an album title is born! Today’s tune comes from Steve's 2010 release, Dreamhouse.  It's the title track and this version was filmed during our Spring Music Fog Marathon at Threadgill’s WHQ in March.

- Jessie Scott

Dreamhouse - Steve Poltz

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