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Shooter Jennings "The Deed & The Dollar"

I had a scary time a couple of nights ago. My mouse froze, the fan started whirring on my computer, and I shut it down as fast as I could. The only problem was, then I couldn’t get it to reboot afterwards. You know the deal when you go to the doctor if you are sick, and all of a sudden your symptoms go away in the office while you are waiting to see him? Well, it was just like that. I brought my computer to the Geek Squad, and it magically came back up. “What’ja do,” I asked, totally bewildered. He said there was nothing wrong with it. Not wanting to trust this was just an anomaly, I got a terabyte hard drive and am now backing up while I still can. I never back up my computer, do you? This is fair warning, and my public service notice for the weekend. Whether hard drive, on a cloud or whatever, back your stuff up.

I think it is generally a good idea to get out of one’s routine sometimes to do things differently. That’s what Shooter Jennings did when he up and moved to New York. No matter where you grew up, New York is a different deal. It is a fast city, and like a fast river you just jump in and ride it, or should I say you let the current carry you at its pace. There is something freeing about this, and really you can’t fight it anyway, you just have to go with it. Juxtaposed against the concrete and steel, the roots music movement there keeps getting stronger. And Shooter is part of the fabric of it. Very cool! You know he was just on the road with Cody Canada and The Departed for the Magical Misdemeanor Tour , I’ll bet that was fun. Shooter’s new CD Family Man came out in March. On it, there is a loving homage to Drea DeMatteo called “The Deed & The Dollar.“ This is the Music Fog version, filmed during our Spring Music Fog Marathon at Threadgill’s WHQ in Austin, Texas.

- Jessie Scott

The Deed and The Dollar - Single - Shooter Jennings

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