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Sons Of Bill "Find My Way Back Home"

After Christmas this year, before the trip to Steamboat for MusicFest, I did a small but disciplined thing, that is, I put the presents away. This of course can be problematic as there is something that I put in a drawer which I have been searching for all week, but cannot find to save my soul. But there was another item that I happily hung up in my closet. Since it was not a winter thing, I was so stoked to discover it and I pulled it down with glee, feeling the wonder of the holiday all over again. So cool when you get a gift that is a season or two ahead, simply delicious. While I continue digging for the other one that I squirreled away somewhere, allow me to direct your attention to a video that we kept under wraps for this occasion.

We had Sons Of Bill in our digs at the Steamboat Grand Hotel during MusicFest at Steamboat Springs 2011. It is with great fanfare that they have finally released their fab new album Sirens as of last week. Don’t you know, we would have loved to hook back up with them during our Spring Music Fog Marathon last month in Austin, but just plumb ran out of room. But the good news is that while fishing around in the Music Fog closet, we found a video we have not yet posted, that is indeed one of the tunes from the new album. By the way, there is a massive tour going down for Sons Of Bill, so catch them when they are close. Here is “Find My Way Back Home,” the Music Fog version, recorded in January of 2011. Huzzah!

-Jessie Scott


Find My Way Back Home - Sirens

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