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Shawn Camp "Dying for Someone to Live For"

Back in 1975, I started working at a legendary New York City radio station, WHN. It was country, it was on the AM dial, and it became a destination for music that couldn’t be heard anywhere else in the city. I did the evening show there for six years, six nights a week. On one quiet Saturday night in 1979, I was spinning George Jones and Conway Twitty and Glen Campbell and Don Williams, when the request line rang. Well actually, it lighted up, as phones don’t ring in studios. I have always enjoyed finding out what people were up to and taking requests. (A footnote: this is not always the case, for many jocks would put the phones on hold the minute they came in to work, and never answered them.) I punched into a call, and the voice on the other end identified herself as Loretta Lynn. She said she was in a sound stage in New York recording a Crisco® commercial, and that they had done several takes, but hadn’t gotten it right yet. She asked to take a break to speak to a friendly voice. She figured she would find one at the country station so there she was. We chatted companionably for several minutes. I was tickled to talk to her, she was legend even then. The impact she has had on popular music is immeasurable, especially in giving voice to female empowerment.

Loretta Lynn celebrated 50 years in the entertainment business in November. She has had a storied career, and is still immersed. If you haven’t heard her Van Lear Rose CD, produced by Jack White in 2004, you owe it to yourself to get your hands (or ears) on it.

Today’s Music Fog tune is a co-write, Loretta with Shawn Camp. The song is called “Dying For Someone To Live For,” an old school “twist of a phrase” country title if ever I have heard one. The two of them have been writing together for over a year. What a lucky boy Shawn is, not to mention how totally worthy. He is an exceptional troubadour, writer, and instrumentalist. Here is the Music Fog recording of it, a solo acoustic performance from Shawn, filmed last September during Nashville’s Americana Fest.

- Jessie Scott

Shawn Camp

Reader Comments (1)

Bristol Rhythm and Roots
By Brenda Cadle Icenhour
<p>Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion and Alpha Natural Resources host WDVX 89.9/102.9 FM Knoxville's special evening edition of the Blue Plate Special 7pm at The Paramount Center for the Arts on State Street in historic Downtown Bristol.</p><p> </p><p>I want to tell everyone who missed last nights "Rhythm and Roots" event at the Paramont really missed one of the best times we have had there in along time.</p><p>Of course, Bristols' own "Duty Free" opened the show with songs of their own and our country songs. Also Hal Boyd singing "Sixteen Tons" by Tennessee Erine Ford and was absolutely great. This group always gets a standing ovation.</p><p> </p><p>Then the "Hackensaw Boys" from Knoxville had more energy than I ever had in my life. Pure country and they were all loved with a great standing ovation. "Fern" one of the band plays the first friday of each month at the "Blue Plate Special" in Knoxville at WDVX's 89.9 fm studio.</p><p> </p><p>Next was a family group from Tazewell,Va. "The Wise Old River Band." They gave us pure heart and soul music. It was remarkable how they could play the instruments and really get into the feel. You could see and feel want they put into their preformance. Their standing ovation was great. They will be back.</p><p> </p><p>Then to finish the show was "World Famous Headliners with Shawn Camp". I do not know the words to describe this group. They were writers of hundreds of songs for different artist. Most of their music was rock and roll and a little country. But this preformance was like being upstairs at Tooties in Nashville when guys were just jamming. They were fabulous. This was the first time I have seen them but everyone enjoyed them.They kept getting ovations.</p>

April 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBrenda Icenhour

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