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Madison Violet "Small of My Heart"

Memphis is fine this time of year. It is much more temperate than it was last year at this time, when the Music Fog crew was parked in a tour bus out in front of the Memphis Marriott Downtown. That is the headquarters of the Folk Alliance International Conference. It is quite an event, housed under one roof, bringing a cocoon like vibe to the goings-on. It brings a grand sense of community. It started yesterday, and goes until Sunday, February 20th. On tap are panels, workshops, instrument clinics, and a keynote address from Jac Holzman, legendary founder of Elektra Records on its 60th Anniversary. There are countless artists playing, there are upstairs suites where the live music goes into the wee small hours. There is lots of Red Bull being consumed, let me tell you! And we wish we could have been there this year, ah well.

So the next best thing just might be to bring you something from the Music Fog bus from last year. We had such a blast with everyone coming to visit, that it was hard to pick which one to bring you today. Drum roll's Madison Violet! They are not at Folk Alliance this year either, though, having chosen to stay north of the border. But last month they were in Grenada...check out this Dinghy Concert Series performance they did! So fun!

"Small Of My Heart" comes from their 2009 album No Fool For Trying. It was produced in Toronto by Les Cooper (Jill Barber, The Good Lovelies) and featuring a stellar cast of musicians including Treasa Levasseur, Paul Mathew, Cindy Fairbank, Joel Stouffer, Victor Bateman, Adrian Lawryshyn and Chris Coole. If you are wanting a path to do some musical discovery, there you go! Here is the Music Fog version of "Small of My Heart," filmed during the 2010 FAI.

- Jessie Scott

Small of My Heart - No Fool for Trying

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