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Dirty River Boys "Union Painter"

Steamboat Day 3. Beans got up at 8 am today and slow roasted brisket in the studio kitchen. We were seduced by the aroma all day, and we finally got to eat by the end of the night with the Zack Walther Band. They were our final recording of the day. We also had visits from Jason Eady, Wade Bowen, Kevin and Dustin Welch, The Trishas, Will Kimbrough, Radney Foster, Micky Braun, and Luke Olson. Yes, it's all coming your'll be able to "Get Down with the Get Down, Right On!" That's our new slogan on this trip, which Beans and Aaron heard on the radio on the way out to Oklahoma City to meet us girls. God Bless AM radio, great remnants of sound from other eras, in this case, the sounds of soul.

We had an amazing day, and once again I was struck by the level of songwriting; these are the best of our generation. Fun, serious, wholly awesome. Yesterday we had a Music Fog debut performance from El Paso's Dirty River Boys, Nino Cooper, Marco Gutierrez, and Travis Stearns. We loved it! This is also their first year at the MusicFest, so there are plenty of new eyes and ears on them---hope you're one of those sets. More video from Steamboat to come...

- Jessie Scott

Union Painter - Long Cold Fall - EP

Reader Comments (2)

Aaah - don't mind what what others say. Maybe it's because you're surrounded by others but don't stick to ONE.

January 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRoberta SchulbergGoro

Totally perfect gritty song with a story. These ballads bore into your soul.

January 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMark Gan

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