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Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros "Night Train Rolling By"

I got to tour the Northeast last week with Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros. First stop, the magnificent and ever eclectic Mansion on O in Washington, DC. I don't like to share too much information to newbies in advance of their stay at the Mansion. The O 'wow factor' is alive and well, and I just loved the looks on the guys faces as they toured the rooms and pledged to bring their ladies back with them the next time they stayed there. I am ever amazed at how many people that are long time DC denizens don't know about the Mansion. I encourage you to go for a brunch, or set up a birthday or anniversary dinner, or even a soiree, there. And for out of towners, a stay at The Mansion is just the ticket for a getaway, short or long! We scouted room locations within the Mansion, to figure out where we should shoot this time, settling on The Billiards Room, with a pledge not to move the pool table. Way too heavy, not to worry! And so Sunday afternoon, we trooped into a sweet, wood paneled, darkened "set," and the band mates materialized for the video shoot.

Johnny Greenberg, Bill Small, Walt Wilkins and Ray Rodriguez are The Mystiqueros. This is the first song they wrote as a band, each taking a verse. They have been at it for five years now, with some personnel changes, and along the way, they have become just 'The Mystiqueros.' Fine songwriters, accomplished musicians, and friends. It takes a village...or a band anyway, to make it down the road. They bring rich harmonies, fluidity, earth, soul and substance. I have to say it was a pleasure traveling with them from DC to NY, and judging from the reviews in upstate, it would have been fun to accompany them to Buffalo and Rochester, too!

From a week ago Sunday, this is a song that you can find on their new CD Agave, "Night Train Rolling By." And by the way, I highly recommend this album!

- Jessie Scott


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