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Melissa McClelland with Luke Doucet "God Loves Me"

Time was when there were some grand opportunities for an artist to showcase in front of an appropriate audience. If you could bring it, if the booking was smart, it was like capturing lightning in a bottle. The business is so different now. What with album sales down, and the record labels in disarray, up until now, arguably the healthiest part of the business was touring. This summer, that came to a screeching halt, too. While we bemoan the loss of ticket sales, let us pause a moment to salute Lilith Fair. When it was founded in 1997, it heralded the coming of age of imaginative women artists. There was the feeling of collectiveness and celebration. This year's line-up has been inspired...only one problem, they have cancelled ten shows so far. Which is a damn shame.

Luke Doucet is Sarah McLachlan's (Lilith Fair co-founder) long time guitar player. Melissa McClelland sings back up for her, and has been taking the stage under her own moniker. We are talking herald angels here, as they performed for Music Fog in March. You know what? At the end of the day, the grass has to grow through the concrete. However! Witness this haunting version of Melissa's "God Loves Me."

- Jessie Scott


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