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Nudie and the Turks "The Pain in You"

The Music Fog bus attracts a lot of unusual and mysterious visitors, among them Nudie and the Turks. Jessie saw them at last year's Folk Alliance, playing the Canadian Sweet Beaver Suite.  This year, she invited them to join us on the bus.
They appeared suddenly, drank some beer, sang some songs, and disappeared once again, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Who are these mysterious gentlemen? I'm pretty sure that his real name isn't Nudie, and that none of them are really Turkish. I know they are from Canada, a "neo honky-tonk" band from Prince Edward Island, to be specific. Their website offers some clues, but no firm answers.

What is this song about? It's so catchy, at first I just bopped along to it, and then tried to parse the words. "Oh, he loves wait, he hates her...oops, no he loves her....oh, there he goes again, I guess it really is a country song." So enjoy it.  It's a heckuva song, this exclusive Music Fog version, and it's from those mysterious cowboys from the North, Nudie and the Turks.

- Chris

Nudie and the Turks - Nudie and the Turks - The Pain In You

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