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Patty Larkin "Dear Heart"

She called, she came ready to rock. Patty Larkin is not opposed to opulence. But upon personal inspection of Blue Eyes, the Celebrity Coaches bus that Music Fog is running this boiler plate operation out of, she commented, "Yeah, done this."

Patty was all business. Under the hot Music Fog video lights, we didn't have to wipe her brow. The crew was amazed, and asked if she would share her uncanny 'no-sweat' technology. Patty smiled and ignored the question, took a couple of requests, but then told us what we going to hear. She had a veritable bag of tricks. This one involves a smoldering electric guitar, a smoking jacket, and then she pulled a bow out of her quiver. Or something. It WAS something! And simply amazing.


Patty Larkin - Watch the Sky - Dear Heart

Reader Comments (2)

Gawd! How nice to hear and to see you again over all these years. I love your lack of compromise, your truth, your artistry that is, truly, you. Patty Larking, you are do hot! I love you and have all of your CDs! Damn, you teamed with Martin Sexton. Wow! He worked with June Tabor many years ago as well. I love her too! You are doing so well. It's too bad you don't get all of the recognition you so deserve. Love you. Take care.

April 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteranyse

Honesty...Truth...Sincerity...Artistry. These are the first things that I get when hearing you. It's what I always look for and enjoy about my favorite artists and what I as a singer/songwriter try to achieve. Actually, I don't accept anything less. The lyrics to the song in the video achieve all of it without getting mushy. I hope to see you "LIVE". Thank you. I'm so happy that there are artists out there like you. I fear that we are a dying breed. Your candle is still burning and I will try to add fuel to the fire.

Tons of Love,
Jay, Rock Nurse

September 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJay...Rock Nurse

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