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Rhythm Angels "If I Had A Gun"

You know, a lot of times when I explain to people what Music Fog is, I tell them that we provide the perfect accompaniment to one's morning beverage of choice. Kick back with a cup and a video. A great way to start your day. And we thank you in advance for talking to your friends, whether you tell them about our website here, our Facebook page, you re-tweet us, email articles, or send people to our YouTube channel. If you know someone else who would benefit from an infusion of real music, share us with them! As this Americana thing is the underdog movement to the pop music that gets all the attention, it is up to all of us to grow it by word of mouth to create our own tribe. It is the counterpoint to what we are being spoon fed. The funny thing is, that in any given week, there are several Americana music CDs that can be found on the sales charts. But the fact that there are so few radio stations around the country playing a roots music mix is a crime. So if you want that kind of access to your music some day, lift your voice, share the wealth of the music and let's see if we can't make a loud enough noise that the big radio corporations stop and listen. If there is a large enough audience, they WILL pay attention! Someday!!

We have some Saturday morning music for you now. These women make music of beautiful craft. They are the Rhythm Angels, pairing North Dakota's Celeste Krenz and Colorado's Rebecca Folsom. Word is they are working on a new CD, with John Magnie of the subdudes producing. On this song, from our Folk Alliance 2010 Music Fog Bus sessions, they bring an Ingmar Bergman-like Norse sensibility to the lyric; one of bleakness, despair, and steely determination. And what a deceptive delivery for such a dark sentiment. One sees the immoveable core to the female, executed by gentle and eerily dispassionate voices. They are joined here by David Glasar and Dirje Smith on "If I Had a Gun," from their release Girls Like Us.

- Jessie Scott


Reader Comments (1)

I'm all for tackling difficult, disliked, or ignored topics, but the singing and the music accompanying the words is very mundane for such strong lyrics.

October 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRoberta SchulbergGoro

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