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MusicFest at Steamboat Springs

Looking for the MusicFest Live blog? Click HERE.

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The MusicFest Live Blog

MusicFestLiveLOGOOkay...Jessie, Beans and I are starting to get a bit antsy for the great music and beer at Steamboat next week (January 5th-10th). The MusicFest (Dickson Productions) is going to be a blast for all those who were lucky enough to grab a ticket to this always-selling-out event.

A word about the MusicFest Live blog: it's officially been fired up and we're working around the clock to post stories and upload as much content as we possibly can. You can check it out if you want, and take advantage of the following stuff which is all available on the site:

1. YouTube. Our blog will be crammed with exclusive performances and interviews, hosted by YouTube.
2. Twitter. Sign up to "follow us," and you'll hear about new blog posts, performance changes, etc.
3. Flickr. Tons of cool pics that you can download and share.
4. Facebook. 'Nuff said.
5. Feedblitz. You can sign up for our email updates at The MusicFest Live blog. No creepy SPAM, promise.

So there it is. Music Fog's first event blog in a nutshell. Other event blogs are coming soon, so check back.

-Ben Krech

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