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Robben Ford "Rose of Sharon"

I first became acquainted with Robben Ford’s music when I was on the radio in Orlando, at WMMO, in the 90's. Cary Pall was the Program Director and he was a musical wizard with his ear to the ground. I learned a lot from him about seeing one’s way to the heart of the music. In essence, his approach to programming radio was akin to painting a room with sounds for the radio audience to “live in.” The year was 1992, the album was Robben Ford & The Blue Line, and particularly noteworthy, was his cover of John Hiatt’s “I’m a Real Man.” It soared and shook with color, sexuality, and confidence. I have been watching and listening to Robben ever since.

Photo Credit: George WellsHis is a versatile and interesting career, which included stints with the likes of Joni Mitchell to Kiss to Miles Davis. Now who does that? Interesting, that Miles is quoted as saying,"It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play.” Robben Ford embodies that. He is ever elegant in his vocal delivery and in licks. Well, hell, you’ll see here.

Music Fog was honored to film Robben Ford in January of 2016 during a private session at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage in Nashville. He performed “Rose of Sharon," which you can find on his 2015 album, Into The Sun. Here is the Music Fog recording...enjoy.

- Jessie Scott


Carl Anderson "Silver Lining"

While we all have been busy doing other stuff, Music Fog has been quietly chugging along, and we have recently attained some important milestones. One of the most amazing is that we hit the 50 MILLION mark for views of our videos on YouTube. I was speaking to a summer camp for college bound teens going on at MTSU last week, and I got a chance to talk about how Music Fog was founded, and how it benefited from the burgeoning social networks when we started in 2009. I can’t stress strongly enough how important having access to an audience is for what we do. It has been amazing to catch this wave and to keep riding it. Thanks for all the views and all the support. We have over 60,000 YouTube subscribers, and Music Fog is now on track to have our first 10 million view year! Thanks to all the artists for sharing their music with us. We couldn't do it without you!

Today’s video comes from Carl Anderson, the Virginia native now living in Nashville. He is working on a new album, and has been playing a bunch with Sam Wilson from Sons of Bill, and Schuyler Fisk in a project called Me And My Brother. We have a cool old school throw-back vibe tune for you today that Music Fog filmed at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage in January of 2016. Enjoy “Silver Lining,” from the album Risk of Loss, and thanks for the ongoing support!

- Jessie Scott