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Carl Anderson "Good, Good Man"

Music Fog hit a new milestone this week! We just hit 40 million views, with 9 million of them in the past 365 days, and 49,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel. Thanks for finding our Americana rabbit hole and supporting the artists we have filmed over the last seven years. We continue to love bringing you our videos and especially introducing you to new artists. The Foggers got back together for a shoot at the beginning of 2016 and filmed for three days. Some folks were old friends and some were brand new faces. Today’s video is an introduction to Carl Anderson.

Carl was born in rural Virginia and raised in Charlottesville near the Blue Ridge Mountains. His story reads like he was a product of the Great Depression, the son of a wandering, freight hopping father and a mother working two jobs to make it. He released his second album Risk of Loss about a year ago, and just took it on the road last month to play Stagecoach Music Festival in Coachella, California. And who says you can’t go home. Current Nashville resident Carl Anderson is heading back to play a gig in Charlottesville, Virginia on May 28th.

Music Fog captured Carl Anderson along with Johnny Duke, Chase McGillis, and Aaron Haynes, at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage in Nashville this past January. From his Music Fog session, here is “Good, Good Man” which was originally found on Carl’s 2011 debut album Wolftown.

- Jessie Scott


Wild Ponies "Lullaby"

What a weekend, between the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day, there is plenty to celebrate, of course while we collectively recover from Cinco de Mayo. Been a busy few days, that’s for sure.

Don’t know if you have been clocking this trend, but there are lots of couples making music together. Several have even appeared in front of the Music Fog cameras. Whether we talk about the Mastersons, Shovels and Rope, Whitehorse with Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams (who I got to see at City Winery Nashville on Thursday night), it is great to watch all these folks navigate the art, the commerce, and interpersonal to make it work.

Photo Credit: Stacie HuckebaIt seems like a million years ago when we first met up with then acoustic duo Doug and Telisha Williams. There was homemade hooch involved, and a giddy time on the Music Fog bus, back when we HAD a Music Fog bus. That was Memphis in 2010, and I am happy to report that D&T have a new album about to hit, this Friday, under their band name Wild Ponies. Radiant is the follow up to 2013’s Things That Used to Shine. Doug and Telisha are still exploring, still restless, still reinventing, but their love of noir is as strong as ever. The sonics are edgier now, and with the addition of Megan Jane on percussion there is added pathos, but then “Lullaby” ain’t your typical Mother’s Day tune. I think all of us in the room were moved by the intensity when Music Fog filmed Wild Ponies at 3rd and Lindsley Backstage this past January. Here is the Music Fog recording of “Lullaby" which you will find on the new album, out Friday.

- Jessie Scott