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Charlie Robison "Beautiful Day"

New Year, New You, New Day for us, too! While we were all out partying and paying attention to other stuff, Music Fog quietly hit another milestone, surpassing 28 million views of our nearly 1000 videos on our YouTube Channel. And though I know that we have all been celebrating for the last two weeks, this does call for a celebration of its own. Later this month, Music Fog jumps behind the cameras to capture lightning in a bottle, as we invite musicians to record sessions in a quiet corner of my new club, Midtown Live at 251 West 30th, in New York City. The crew: Aaron, Beans, Chris, and me, will be primping and fussing and setting lights and building out our equipment to welcome artists into our space. We haven’t been together for a shoot for a while, and we are excited!

In past years during this week, we might just have been found in the Rocky Mountains. Ahhh, to be on the slopes of Steamboat for MusicFest. To all our friends who are lucky enough to be there this year, the 30th Anniversary, Music Fog says “Happy Steamboat!” It is a fine adventure in slowing time down to savor the experience of great music, good times, and brotherhood that spans the years. You should go sometime, heck we should all go next year!!!

From MusicFest 2011 in Steamboat Springs, we caught up with Charlie Robison to listen at his knee to his song “Beautiful Day.” Wishing beautiful days the whole year through from us Foggers to you! Happy New Year.

- Jessie Scott


Nudie and the Turks "If A Heart Could Tell"

Hope your Christmas was a day of delights. I cruised far and wide visiting friends and family. Maybe because there is so much building going on these days everywhere I go, I have developed a newfound respect for the past. I see the craftsmanship in architecture, the purpose of the configuration of buildings. I see the past on waterways where mills once flourished, and recall what was once acreage for grazing, gardens and farms. Even through the urban sprawl, there are hints of the past. It is fascinating to think about what life was like back then.

I have spent 60 years aware of music with soul and truth, you know, the timeless music that bubbles out of the ground for the people, by the people. We got together 15 years ago to call it a new name - Americana, but the music predates that for sure. And while we advance the cause, branding this music in the mind’s eye of the world, at some point, you realize that you are looking backwards as well as looking forward. Whether retro sounding, or modern, the hints of the past are contained within this music too.

Today we light up the screen with Nudie & The Turks all dressed up for New Year’s in their western best. Music Fog filmed them during Folk Alliance in 2010 in Memphis, TN. Nudie later went on to release a studio recording of "If A Heart Could Tell" in December of 2013, on his album Remember This.

If you are lucky to be near PEI for NYE, make sure to celebrate with Nudie! And Happy New Year to you from the Fog!

- Jessie Scott