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Cory Branan "Yesterday (Circa Summer 80 Somethin')"

I take the train every day now, past river rocks and greenery, great old outcroppings of stately building and ones that didn't fare so well over the span of time. I could be anywhere in the country where there is a railroad and a river, but it is NYC, and it is home. I show friends that come to visit pictures of where I live and they are incredulous that that vista portrayed is that of  the big bad city. My first summer back up north has been thankfully temperate, easy on the skin, and lush to look at. We have been blessed this year. I feel for you if you live in a part of the country that has had the challenges of wild fires, floods and drought. I have lived those topsy-turvy, scary seasons too, and I, and the rest of the Music Fog crew, wish you a return to normalcy as fast as possible.

Of course being home, the landscape is ripe with the ghosts of seasons past. They bombard me at their own pace, and you never know what sight or smell might uncover a lurking memory. Of coming of age, of loves and job changes and of all the people who have come and gone. It’s time for your recollections to come forth, as today’s song captures the essence of young summer love. It is “Yesterday (Circa Summer 80 Somethin’)” from Cory Branan, a scintillating  performer who has the capability to capture the moment and to hold you fixed in his gaze. This is a tune that can be found on his Mutt album, but here is the Music Fog recording of it from the 2012 Music Fog Marathon during SXSW in Austin. BTW, that was the last time Music Fog ventured out for a session.

-Jessie Scott


Carrie Rodriguez "I Don’t Want To Play House Anymore"

Last night, I hung out in a smokey old bar - well except for the smoke part, that behavior has been outlawed indoors,  thank goodness. The Led Zeppelin covers flowed, and the audience twitched and pulsed with every chord change and guitar riff. The dog days of summer have descended upon us early this year in sleepy New York, and you take your 'cooling' where you can. Having spent the last three years in Austin, of course, it begs the comparison. Austin has the relentless triple digit heat, not quite so humid, true, but day after day in the upper 90's and 100's does something to a person’s psyche after a while. In New York we declare it a heat wave when we are going to touch 90 for three days in a row. I must say it has been a Zen challenge, in keeping it in check while the air doesn't seem to stir.

Every year it seems there are musical Texans who make their way here to the the culture Mecca of NYC; the latest being Phoebe Hunt, who is bouncing between ATX & NYC. Chris and Eleanor Masterson were up north for a while but moved back, as did Carrie Rodriguez. I suspect for the amount of time these folks spend on the road, it matters little what zip code one calls home. Carrie is heading off to Europe for August, still touring in the wake of her most recent album, Give Me All You Got. We revisit the Music Fog Marathon 2011 now, to bring you this presentation, “I Don’t Want To Play House Anymore, “ when we filmed Carrie & company at Marathon Recorders in Nashville back in 2011.

-Jessie Scott

I Don't Want to Play House Anymore (Live) - Live In Louisviile