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Ward Davis "Unfair Weather Friend"

Picture this: a drive through the countryside at spring’s first blush; greenery exploding, flowering shrubs and trees bathed in flowers of yellow, lavender, and lilac. A left turn into a parking lot and a quick walk down the path, to the timeless cool space of Cumberland Cavern. Lights illuminated the way. Music echoing in the distance, getting closer with every step. This is Bluegrass Underground, and this past weekend, they taped their new season for year six on PBS. Saturday’s lineup was Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Mac McAnally, Hooray for the Riff Raff, and Dave Rawlings Machine. That was just one of three days of filming, and I encourage you to check it out when the season airs. I gotta say 333 feet underground is a spectacularly beautiful and unique place to see a show, and even better, the sound was amazing.

Well, truth be told, if you know anything about the Foggers, we sure do appreciate good sound. And you know we like to mix up the flavors, for us it is all about music discovery. When I book artists, I always ask some people for tips, and todays was a recommendation from Steve Popovich Jr. “Have you heard of Ward Davis?” He sent me music. Great mellifluous voice, simply constructed songwriting. This feels effortless, though I am sure it is quite hard to make it feel this easy. His album, 15 Years in a 10 Year Town, came out in September. He is on tour this month in Texas and beyond! Today’s tune is “Unfair Weather Friend,” one of the songs you will find on the new album. For this Music Fog recording, Ward is accompanied by Jay Gorman and Gregg Lohman.

-- Jessie Scott


Waylon Payne "Sins of The Father"

Waylon Payne. His name fairly floats off the page. The first time I encountered Waylon was hearing the song “Jesus On A Greyhound,” soaring, ragged and beautiful, from his 2004 album The Drifter. We actually played both versions of that tune, Waylon’s and Shelby Lynne’s, on my now defunct XM Channel, X Country. We met somewhere around that time, and kept crossing paths. When the movie Walk The Line came out, I got to interview Waylon and Shelby together, as they both had roles in the film. Then there was a tour bus ride back from a Willie Nelson appearance at the old Backyard outside of Austin, with Waylon regaling us with tales and tunes on the way to the Saxon Pub to jump on stage with the late Stephen Bruton. All rich moments, they are etched in stone in my mind.

Waylon Payne has been called country royalty. Named after Waylon Jennings, his mother was Sammi Smith, who rode the Kris Kristofferson song “Help Me Make It Through The Night” into the white hot spotlight. His father was Jody Payne, who played guitar in Willie Nelson’s band for decades. They are both gone now, and Waylon has had to cobble his own way, finding sobriety, and purpose and the path. He lives in Nashville now, and has a couple of films coming out, including the autobiographical The Drifter: The Waylon Payne Story.  Look for Waylon in an upcoming appearance on the Grand Ol’ Opry on April 7th. We invited him before the Music Fog cameras in January at 3rd & Lindsley. From that session, here is “Sins Of The Father.”