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Susan Gibson "The Wood Wouldn't Burn"

Susan Gibson was supposed to come to see us during our sessions at the 2010 Folk Alliance but a car accident made that impossible, as she broke her arm, dislocated her elbow, and shattered her wrist. Yikes, never good for a musician, especially when they are as active as Susan is. Healing time was cut in half with the support of friends, physical therapy and the true grit for which Susan is known.

Not recognizing her name? You might recall her work from the penning of the Dixie Chicks anthem “Wide Open Spaces.” Iconic stuff, before that whole political mess went down, which caused the Dixie Chicks' music to disappear from the radio. But it yielded Susan some nice royalties, and she keeps on going. She is a Red Dirt woman...there are only a few, compared to the profusion of Red Dirt men. But that’s OK. Susan is blessed with a Great American voice, and an acute eye for lyrics. Music Fog brings you our version of a haunting song that can be found on Susan’s latest CD TightRope called “The Wood Wouldn’t Burn.” We filmed her, at last, during our Threadgill’s WHQ sessions in March.

- Jessie Scott

The Wood Wouldn't Burn - Tightrope


John Fullbright "Me Wanting You"

I had a friend in town on Wednesday, someone who has been to Texas many times, but had never been here in Austin before. It was a blast to show him around town and to eat our way through. We started with Juan In A Million for breakfast, County Line Bar-b-q for late lunch with a tantalizing view of the beginning of Hill Country, and then Maudie’s for a Tex-Mex dinner. Then there are the food carts for after the show. He was impressed by the sophistication of Austin, by how much bigger the city was than he expected, by the food and the music and the amount of clubs. And if he were to stay longer than just a day, he would find amazing depth in the musicians that populate the universe here. Whether they live here, or orbit, there are so many TALENTED artists. It is a pleasure to live in a bubbling cauldron of creativity.

Today we bring you a tune from one of those artists who orbits Austin. John Fullbright has lots of friends here, and we welcome him back to town whenever he comes. He is one of the Red Dirt boys, hailing from Okemah, Oklahoma. I am still wondering when he will release another record, and open the door to the rest of the world that is unaware of him right now. The day will come, mark my words. We had a visitation from him during the Cherokee Creek Music Festival last month near Llano, Texas. He summoned Radoslav Lorkovic up the hill to the ranch house to join him on accordion. “Me Wanting You.” Beautiful.

- Jessie Scott