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Stonehoney "Independence Day"

Having spent a wonderful weekend amidst the music in the mountains at High Sierra Music Festival, I can attest that freedom is a wonderful thing to celebrate. Like the freedom of these road trips I take to music events, whereupon people get to immerse themselves in their passion, share the experience with one another, and in essence, create a city out of a rural pasture or fairgrounds. Often overheard at these events is "Why can't life be like this all the time?" With good friends, good music, good food and good times. And I would also suggest good citizenship, so that we can keep the lifestyle afloat. That means tending to our environs, to keeping engaged in our democracy.

In years gone by, Independence Day has signified so many things for me, from the days with radio where we did the fireworks and programmed the music, to the ones where you savor patriotism like after 911, to the personal declaring of separation from a co-dependent relationship, and everything in between.

We hung out with Stonehoney in May at the Cherokee Creek Music Festival, and they played us some brand new songs. Stonehoney tour dates are listed here. They are powerful players. And what ever you do, however you declare your own version of independence this 4th, remember the troops, and all who came before in support of Lady Liberty. Watch the fireworks, observe the burn ban, and get home safe.

We bring you Stonehoney's Dave Phenicie, taking the lead on "Independence Day."

-Jessie Scott


Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos "Old Man's Eyes"

I landed in the bread basket of California, Sacramento, with flat valley agriculture giving way to orchards, and scrub brush, and then the majesty of Plumas Canyon. Tall mountains graced with huge pine trees bearing silent witness. Honestly, there were places along the winding road that I was sure grateful for the guard rails. And there was a suspension bridge which I was happy to only cross once, as it felt shaky under the wheels. But once again, when seeing terrain this imposing, it is hard not to think about the folks who took the chance and crossed this vast land, not having any idea what they would encounter. Generations were shaped by their experience and undaunted spirit. That is our legacy as Americans.

Chris Berardo is built from that stern stuff.  He is pushing the rock up the hill, with the aid of his intrepid band, including his brother Marc Douglas Berardo.  On a recent swing through Texas, the Berardos were joined on stage by legendary producer Eric Roscoe Ambel.  And something else, the guys are SO funny, I mean laugh out loud comedic stuff, which makes hanging out with them a treat in itself.  They are working on tracks for a new album, today we have the song "Old Man's Eyes" as we revisit our Music Fog session from a year ago March at Threadgill's.

- Jessie Scott