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Music Fog is a video dedicated venture promoting and celebrating the Americana music scene. Our intent is to deliver quality video and audio via the internet to anyone who seeks to find this truly American musical genre.

Our close ties with key members of this musical arts community allow Music Fog to keep subscribers and followers informed of all the latest current events related to Americana. And we intend to celebrate it with all devotees. Typically, you can rely on Music Fog to be in attendance when major Americana musical events are happening. At any of these events you can look to Music Fog for an inside track, and performances not seen by the attending public.

Music Fog is also a production company. The model is simple. Go to the artist. We have years of on-site production experience with our staff. Portable digital audio and video capture is our specialty. And we are able to operate efficiently, without overblown production costs. You can see a few samples of our work on our Production Services page. Planning your next project, or you just want to talk about the possibilities, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to talk and give you answers to your recording and video questions. Let's make music together.