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With approximately 40 artists appearing over a few days, a Music Fog Marathon event is an unmatched musical extravaganza. We broadcast exclusive multi-camera HD live performances, nine hours each day, all delivered with our up-close and personal Music Fog style. Our Nashville webcast in 2011 served over 10,000 streams, and our 2012 Austin broadcast delivered over 16,000 video streams.

Fans of Music Fog are very passionate about their music, and what they've come to expect from our live recording sessions. In fact, when our 2012 Spring Music Fog Marathon was destined to be cancelled, due to lack of sponsorship, fans and small businesses all chipped in to fund our Kickstarter project, raising over $15,000 in 15 days in order to make the broadcast and recordings a reality! The average pledge amount from backers was nearly $80, proving that music fans are more than willing to support the Americana Revolution. Have your business associated with one of the fastest growing genres in music today, by partnering with an industry innovator and leader...Music Fog.

A limited number of turnkey sponsorships are available, so give your brand a more powerful web presence with exclusive Music Fog video. Contact us at to find out more about the opportunities below.


Music Fog's platforms now reach over 20,000 people per day. Since our inception just over three years ago, Music Fog has grown to be the premier destination for fans of Americana and roots music. Our work has been featured everywhere from music sites, to Paul Krugman’s New York Times blog, and on TV around the world. Our website, YouTube channel, and Facebook pages continue to gain viewers everyday. Fans return for more of our unique on-location performances featuring high quality audio and intimate video. Our videos live in perpetuity on the web, giving branding partners a wealth of exposure and the opportunity to be part of a growing movement.

Your sponsorship will bring association with a musical movement that is the fastest growing genre in America today. Our sponsorships are scalable to provide affordable and cost effective opportunities for your brand.

Email us to discuss specific placements, demographics, and costs.