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The New Era Is Here

JessieScott What a day! I've been glued to the TV and didn't make it into the district to partake in today's historic Inauguration festivities. Not to mention that we partook last night, and frankly, I don't often get home at 4 am anymore!

It was a glittering night at the Black Tie & Boots ball in celebration of the orderly passage of power that makes America so remarkable. Extra special thanks to the folks at the Texas State Society and to the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. You know there were a lot of people there, but things were remarkable orderly, and everyone, workers and attendees alike, had a smile on their face. Ben and Beans get the "Snark Award" of the evening for the post about the coat check, but really, when you have 12,000 people, even that ran surprisingly well! Note to the boys: Washington insiders have long know that you should leave your coat in the car, and brave the walk inside in shirt sleeves. Honestly, it will only hurt for a minute! And for those of you attending a function in winter in your town, this is a hot tip - or a cold one! And I am always up for a cold one!

We had a blast catching up with so many artists and running into friends. Our evening ended with a chance encounter with Jack Ingram and Charlie Robison, and then a surprise gift was given to me, a cowboy boot with yellow roses of Texas. Makes me smile when I look at it.

We shared the media room with a band of intrepid reporters, photographers, and videographers. They all seemed to know each other, and made us feel welcome. I love the camaraderie. Because in fact, what Music Fog does, is bridge entertainment content with news coverage. And with everything heading to the web these days, heck, there just aren't any rules and nothing is static.

Which brings me back to the event of the day: It is time to think creatively, to reinvent, to assess, and to make it work. Please let us know what you would like to see, hear, read, and experience. We intend to bring you the best of the Americana world, wherever artists gather, where there is music to be mined, and a great event to chronicle.

As President Barack Obama has tasked all of us with writing the next great chapter in America's history, we have tasked ourselves with nurturing the next chapter of Americana Music. Yes we can.

-Jessie Scott

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Last In Line...

Coat Check Line We know this isn't newsworthy, but we're going to try to make it the "Big Story" of the night anyway. Black Tie & Boots has run smoothly, except for one thing: the coat check line has been an insurmountable abyss. The line has--at some points--stretched beyond the Red Sea. Given these circumstances, the patrons have remained calm, and in good spirits. We present to you the lucky bastards that were dead last in line. Let's just call them Ollie and Fran. Behold...

-Ben & Beans

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