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We Have Arrived

Beans & Jess Heavy security cloaks the Gaylord Convention center, but somehow the Music Fog crew has scammed their way into the media room for the Black Tie & Boots inaugural ball. We have stolen this internet connection from other "legitimate" media sources...we'll see how long this lasts!

It's a sea of black ties and real cowboy boots. The music kicks off at 7:00PM EST, and we're gonna have a real tough time deciding where to be because Sunny Sweeney and Emory Quinn are in different rooms at the same time. Let the games begin...

-Ben Krech

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Bacon Cheeseburgers & Getting There

DSC03280 Today was a day loaded with questions. How is Music Fog going to get to the Black Tie & Boots media check in? How do we plan a moving through "Obama gridlock" in DC tomorrow? Are we hungry? Yes! So let’s not worry about getting around, and go to Five Guys! Yeah, that’s what we’ll do. When we get there (if we get there), we get there.

So we had the bacon cheeseburgers at Five Guys and made our way to the Gaylord Resort & Convention Center. It's an emerald city in the middle of oblivion, just south of DC on the Potomac River. The place just opened about six months ago, and it’s enormous...the utility bill is half a mil each month.

Anyway, this is going to be a huge party. Six ballrooms, seven stages, and "Texas Fair” shop-o-rama one floor below. We'll cover every living inch of this titanic inaugural ball. We really hope to relay the utter size of this event...if we make it back there tomorrow night.

-Jim McBean

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