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Joe Robinson "The Spiral"

Let’s face it, life’s twists and turns are what makes it so interesting. You gotta keep the dream in your heart and don’t ever let go. Leaving XM Satellite Radio in 2008 was like being cast out of the Garden of Eden, working among pros, with every tool, and a free hand to dream and execute. When something like that ends, you wonder if that was it. It was not. Sitting in NYC a year ago, I couldn’t have imagined having the chance once again to put a world class radio station on the air.

Photo Credit: Ethan JamesA month ago, we signed WMOT Roots Radio on the air, and with 100K watts our coverage area is huge. This station has the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives, from the artists, to the audience and everyone in between. I am honored and delighted to be the Program Director, curating the playlist and the shows to bring an amazing Americana radio station to Mid-state Tennessee. It is ever so sweet to be back in the saddle, especially because I thought this chapter of my life was over. If you are still mourning the loss of XM12 X Country, I do hope you will listen. Tune in on the radio at 89.5 FM from the Alabama/Tennessee border to Bowling Green, Kentucky, online at or, and on the Roots Radio app for iPhone and Android.

While I wax poetic about strength and hope and passion, I have the perfect song to bring you today. First off, I want to introduce you to Joe Robinson. Well actually, you met him a few months back, when we brought you the Guitar Army video. He is a stellar self-taught guitarist, mentored by Tommy Emmanuel, with whom he toured at the tender age of eleven. Being able to bring you cool new stuff is what it is all about for me, Music Fog, and WMOT Roots Radio. Now, listen to the words. “The Spiral” is about the choices we make, whether our mood, substances, or the people we have around us. We can live in the light. Today, we bring you the Music Fog recording of a song you will find on Joe’s Gemini, Vol. 2 EP, which came out about a year ago.

- Jessie Scott


Mipso "Farther Along"

Today I became a resident of Tennessee, once again. Got my papers in order and a spiffy new driver's license. I am happy to have returned to an amazing scenario, having Music City Roots partner with MTSU's WMOT, and being named Program Director and Afternoon Drive Announcer for the new ROOTS RADIO, 89.5 WMOT.

It was two weeks ago that we launched, and there is still lots to do; growing the library, getting all our specialty programming on the air, and the like. This past Wednesday, Music City Roots returned to the airwaves, live from The Factory in Franklin.

Today's video comes from Mipso, who have a band member who was an intern for Music City Roots. Small world, huh? She is Libby Rodenbough who plays along with Wood Robinson, Jacob Sharp, and Joseph Terrell for this Music Fog recording. We filmed Mipso last year in NYC. They are hitting the road hard as always, and will be appearing at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion this weekend. Savor this spiritual gem from the Music Fog library, here's "Farther Along."

- Jessie Scott