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Wild Ponies "Born with a Broken Heart"

It seems like "gotta keep busy" has become my mantra. Coming up on Tuesday, I am sitting down with Bela Fleck to launch a new series called Wired In. We will be doing a story and song session to talk about his new album as well as explore his groundbreaking career. It will be broadcast live on Roots Radio WMOT, and video streamed on VuHaus from Aurora Nashville. We will be live from 5 to 6pm Central Time on Tuesday 2/28. Catch it if you can!

Then March turns the corner and Austin awaits! For SXSW©, I will be on hand again for Sun Radio's broadcasts from El Mercado all week. I am so excited to be back on the road, and of course in between trips Nashville is a mighty fine place to be. Flip a coin, Nashville or Austin. I can tell you, I love both! Lots of friends in both towns, and lots of stellar music to dig into in both towns. Each are rapidly becoming CITIES, but that is another story.

Today's video is from Nashville residents Wild Ponies. It is flirty, seductive and dangerous! I bet you watch it more than once. Something about the eye contact that Telisha Williams makes, while she flips her hair as she plays the double bass. Something about Doug Williams' sparse yet insistent guitar riff that anchors everything. And something about the rock solid percussion from Megan Jane. See for yourself. From the Music Fog sessions in January 2016 at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage, here is "Born With a Broken Heart."

- Jessie Scott


Gary Nicholson "Smile Millionaire"

I wanted to take a minute to report the passing of my friend Greg Trooper. Greg was a raconteur, troubadour, and curmudgeon with a perpetual twinkle in his eye. He left us too soon, succumbing to cancer over the weekend. My condolences to his family, and to all of those who are the legion of his friends. In another life, I asked him to open for Emmylou Harris at The Bottom Line in New York, in the late 90's. He blew the room away, as did Emmy with Buddy and Julie Miller accompanying her on stage. It was a golden night.

With so many music legends leaving us in 2016, I am a little melancholic. But there are a couple of things that I need to emphasize. We should continue to support our artists: buy their records, stream their music, come out to see them play live.

Today’s video comes from Gary Nicholson, who had Colin Linden in tow for this Music Fog session from January 2016. Gary is one of those guys that has a rich and deep catalog – check out all the stuff he has co-written with Delbert McClinton, and you will see. (Explore all the artists that have recorded his songs here.) By the way, Delbert has a new album just coming out called, “Prick of the Litter.” Look for Gary touring solo, and under his blues persona Whitey Johnson. He is a magic man.

Remember too, that music heals. So do smiles. Here is Gary’s Music Fog exclusive video for "Smile Millionaire."

- Jessie Scott