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Sarah Potenza "Monster"

This past Tuesday night, at the Ryman Auditorium, friends from Nashville and Texas gathered to celebrate the life and music of Guy Clark who passed on May 17th. Vince Gill was the host, with Jerry Jeff Walker, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Terry Allen, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, Sam Bush, Micky Raphael, and a cavalcade of other amazing artists saluting the songs of Guy Clark. The night was put together with the help of musical director Rodney Crowell and my dear buddy Tamara Saviano, who had been working with Guy on his biography, "Without Getting Killed or Caught," which is set to come out in October.

Wednesday morning I got a phone call that SiriusXM was going to do something up at their studio in the Bridgestone Arena, so we ran out the door to get there. On hand were host Steve Earle, Jack Ingram, Joe Ely, and Rodney Crowell, taping a show that will be heard on Outlaw Country on Steve's Hardcore Troubadour show. Being steeped in Guy Clark music and stories for the last two days has given me pause. Guy was such a strong force in so many people's lives. He instilled a healthy sense of "Why not?" One of my favorite Music Fog moments was when he played "The Cape" for our cameras in 2011.

Music empowerment comes in all shapes and sizes. Being in Nashville for these last few months has given me the opportunity to hang with Sarah Potenza, who has a "why not" attitude deeply embedded in her spirit. She is undaunted in her quest to make music. Today's song says it all. It is called "Monster" and it is the title track from her brand new album, which comes out tomorrow, August 19th. She takes what society tells us a 'star' should look like, and she is emboldened to twist it all to be a benefit instead of a liability. Music Fog filmed her back in January at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage. And always trust your cape.

- Jessie Scott


Steff Mahan "Concrete Shoes"

One of my favorite moments with Music Fog was our Hot Springs, Eternal video, which captures a stop at bath house during a long drive to Texas. Beans is quoted, “I feel like cottage cheese,” after his treatment. Funny stuff, and thanks to Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, AKA Whitehorse, for the music featured in the video, “Longhaul Driver.” Their new album is a modern take on blues, super cool. I just got done with an hour of deep tissue massage, what with going to Texas last weekend to start the process of getting all my belongings together here in Nashville. I am beyond excited to see all my stuff in the same city. But moving 2000 pounds of CDs is, well, physically challenging, shall we say, even with the aid of Denver O’Neal and David Stewart. And they did the heaving lifting. Exciting times indeed!

Photo Credit: Glass Jar PhotographyBack in Nashville, everything is going on. Getting ready for another AmericanaFest, while entertaining friends and family for summer visits. Nashville is such an ‘it’ town. In January the Foggers came and conquered, and we filmed for three days at 3rd & Lindsley in the Backstage Events room. Cathy Mac, who rocks the audio there, told us we should hook up a session with a buddy of hers who was working on a new album. Her name is Steff Mahan, and we invited her in. She is the rarest of creatures, she was actually raised here in Nashville! She is gigging next week at The Capitol in Lebanon, TN, just in case you are in the ‘hood. The song she performed for us is called "Concrete Shoes." Now where I come from in NYC, that had a 'sleep with the fishes' connotation, but Steff's not that kind of girl.

- Jessie Scott