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Paul Burch "Gunter Hotel Blues"

This paragraph could easily be sung to Guy Clark’s tune, “Dublin Blues.” “I wish I was in Austin…” I am missing Texas right about now. You know I was just there a month ago for SXSW©, but I never made it to Threadgill's. As Threadgill's was my working home for so many years, I feel like the trip was incomplete. I am dreaming of their chicken fried steak, fried green tomatoes, and especially their veggies! I wish I could see good friends who live there, who are the fabric of the Austin music community. Speaking of that, congratulations to Tamara Saviano, and to Guy Clark for their recent Texas Heritage Songwriters awards. Congratulations to Ray Wylie Hubbard, who just had another Music Fog video cross the million mark. Congrats to Kevin Welch, who is about to walk down the aisle.

And man, if I could just take a quick trip, seeing Jimmy LaFave on April 21st in the Beer Garden at Threadgill’s would be heaven. Jimmy has long been one of Music Fog’s stellar go-tos, always bringing us amazing bands and amazing situations in which to film. He introduced us to John Fullbright. He invited us to Cherokee Creek Music Festival, and to WoodyFest in Okemah, Oklahoma. Jimmy was there at the start of Music Fog, to offer us support and encouragement, and to bring us his best. Jimmy, I love you and miss you. Wish I could be there for the Austin show.

Today’s video comes from the fertile imagination of Paul Burch, whose Meridian Rising album is written from the perspective of Jimmie Rodgers' short, but hugely significant life. Frankly, Country Music as a genre would have looked very different without his influence. His songs have lasted the test of time to become part of the Great American Songbook. Paul undertook the task of a concept album, crafted from the persona of Jimmie Rodgers. He occupies the space with grace, wit, and craft. Music Fog filmed Paul Burch, along with magical sideman Fats Kaplin, back in January of 2016 at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage in Nashville. Here they are performing one of the songs from the Meridian album, “Gunter Hotel Blues.”

- Jessie Scott


Wild Ponies "Born with a Broken Heart"

It seems like "gotta keep busy" has become my mantra. Coming up on Tuesday, I am sitting down with Bela Fleck to launch a new series called Wired In. We will be doing a story and song session to talk about his new album as well as explore his groundbreaking career. It will be broadcast live on Roots Radio WMOT, and video streamed on VuHaus from Aurora Nashville. We will be live from 5 to 6pm Central Time on Tuesday 2/28. Catch it if you can!

Then March turns the corner and Austin awaits! For SXSW©, I will be on hand again for Sun Radio's broadcasts from El Mercado all week. I am so excited to be back on the road, and of course in between trips Nashville is a mighty fine place to be. Flip a coin, Nashville or Austin. I can tell you, I love both! Lots of friends in both towns, and lots of stellar music to dig into in both towns. Each are rapidly becoming CITIES, but that is another story.

Today's video is from Nashville residents Wild Ponies. It is flirty, seductive and dangerous! I bet you watch it more than once. Something about the eye contact that Telisha Williams makes, while she flips her hair as she plays the double bass. Something about Doug Williams' sparse yet insistent guitar riff that anchors everything. And something about the rock solid percussion from Megan Jane. See for yourself. From the Music Fog sessions in January 2016 at 3rd & Lindsley Backstage, here is "Born With a Broken Heart."

- Jessie Scott