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Ray Bonneville "Nightwalker"

On Wednesday night, as the sun was going down, I was at Steak Nite in Waring, Texas wrapping up a wonderful dinner with homemade peach cobbler, and homemade chocolate cake with the creamy frosting that melts in your mouth. On the way out to the Hill Country, I passed hogs and goats and cattle. Real deal one lane roads, arroyos and signs with markings for alerting one to the height of the water in case of floods. Not that that has been our issue in Texas this year, nope, it has been dry as a bone. In fact the flooding down the Mississippi should have been apportioned as rain to the south of the I-10 corridor, instead of it all going north. We met up with some folks that live in New Orleans a few days ago at the Cherokee Creek Music Festival, and they were remarking how dry it had been there this winter, too.

One of the artists we hooked up with at Cherokee Creek last weekend was real deal Ray Bonneville, with plenty of that New Orleans cadence woven into his music. And this time, it was an especially magic recording, as Ray was joined by Rad Lorkovic, and John Fullbright. Thanks to Chip Dolan for leaving the keyboard with us. And watch out Mike Meadows...Rad might just have passed you in Music Fog MVP appearances, having played on four different sessions in just one day!

We love it when we capture something one of a kind, and we hope this one grows wings. This was recorded in an old ranch house on the grounds, just 100 yards from a loud festival stage, with the musicians playing the song together for the first time, in one live take. See what you think.

- Jessie Scott


Ponderosa "Old Gin Road"

Cruise around and listen to the radio and there are the haunting refrains of songs we have heard forever. Last night, “Sultans Of Swing” came on for the 30,000 time, not that that is bad, per se, I actually still like the gruffness of Mark Knopfler’s understated vocal. It just cooks right along, and the tune is timeless.

I saw Stacie Collins play at The Saxon Pub on Tuesday night, all rock and roll badass energy, sexual tension, wailing and harp blowin’ and shaking. And what a band, hot tight and tasty! They recall days gone by, when the music was as much a coming of age, a fertility dance, as it was heady and rich. And it is fun, you know it should be fun.

I am happy to introduce you to another band that harkens back to the old days. If you close your eyes, you could picture Ponderosa playing on The Midnight Special TV Show with the late Wolfman Jack. Wolf, we miss you. You know he would have loved these guys. Tonight the band from Athens, Georgia plays the 15th Annual River Revival in Atlanta, and the rest of their tour dates are here.

I am just gonna let it rip, no fuss, no muss, this is “Old Gin Road," from their recent release Moonlight Revival. Hell yeah!

- Jessie Scott

Old Gin Road - Moonlight Revival