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The Silos "Teenage Prayer"

The weekend is upon us, and I just want to escape. Yes, you will find me daydreaming about the beach, the pool and other things as the weather warms. The days are growing longer and summer isn’t too far off. I am drawn back to the carefree days, when there was no responsibility...ahhhh. The precious time of exploration, before the bucket of cold water of real life wakes you to its harsh realities. Because, we are all still teenagers, at least in our minds. We just don’t seem to perceive the aging from behind our eyes.

The Silos have a new album that just came out last week. "Florizona is all about connecting the past with the wisdom of having lived through it,” says Walter Salas-Humara, chief songwriter and front man of the legendary band. This is the 10th studio release from The Silos, but if you count all of Walter’s recording projects, it numbers 20. The album tells universal stories of adolescence and beyond, from the perspective of someone who has moved through time and people. Florizona is dedicated to Drew Glackin, the long time Silos bassist and guitarist who passed away in 2008 as this album was being conceptualized. Here is “Teenage Prayer.”

- Jessie Scott

Teenage Prayer - Florizona


Zoe Muth & the Lost High Rollers "Before the Night Is Gone"

On Tuesday night, Denise and I made our way 10 blocks from my house in East Austin to a festival in a dirt yard beside the railroad tracks on 4th and Waller. Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show teamed up to bring the magical Railroad Revival Tour on a train across the Southwest, wrapping last night in New Orleans. They are traveling on vintage rail cars, appropriately bringing the sounds of yesterday to today, special D. There was an easy feel to this evening; the crowd was chill, the heat of the Texas day started to break, and the breezes kicked up as the sun set. Old Crow delivered an inspired and energetic take on old timey---fresh and fun. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros brought an earthy vibe with lots of sonic layers and whistling for coloration, joyous as it washes over you. Mumford & Sons brew high lonesome, British Isles, folky meets energy and authority, to make it feel like you are at the center of the universe. The whole evening was a total treat. We hear they have videotaped on stage and off. It will make for a splendid documentary. And while everyone wrings their hands that the music business is dead, ROOTS lives. And it is morphing with the embrace of young artists and young audiences, like grass growing through the concrete.

Revival is such a potent concept. I see the baton being passed. We had so many new young artists come to play for us during the Music Fog Marathon in Austin last month, it made our heads spin. One of them was Zoe Muth, out of Seattle, Washington. By the way, her names rhymes with ‘truth.’ There is quite the buzz about her and her band, the Lost High Rollers. Having absorbed the scene that Seattle spawned, you would think she would sound like what she ingested, but there is a pure country flavor that flows out of her that is thirst quenching. Her brand new CD Starlight Hotel just came out last week. It is equal parts earthy, easy, and authentic.

We bring you the Music Fog recording of one of the tunes on the album, “Before The Night Is Gone.” If we weren’t showing you a video, I would tell you close your eyes. Or maybe instead get someone to dance cheek to cheek with you. Ladies choice.

- Jessie Scott

Before the Night Is Gone - Starlight Hotel