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Brigitte DeMeyer "Amen Said The Deacon"

Before I left for Bonnaroo, I got the kind of news you never want to get - about the passing of a dear friend, Steve Popovich. I had known him since 1975 when he was the head of promotion for Epic Records. He then was the founder of Cleveland International Records, which released the Meatloaf album Bat Out Of Hell. Steve later was embroiled in lawsuits over royalties with "the machine." He was a kindred spirit, a man about the music. I loved to hang with him, to see shows, to eat, to share conversation and good times. To say I loved him is only half of the story. The rest is maximum respect. I am happy to have known him, and saddened that he is gone from this planet. Music has lost a defender.

Make no mistake, we are on a mission ourselves here at Music Fog. The discovery, the moment, the music, that is what it is all about. Today we bring you a video we did with Brigitte DeMeyer during SXSW at Threadgill's during the Music Fog Marathon. We had the opportunity earlier to film her when we taped our SX 2009 extravaganza. This year, on the precipice of a her fifth CD, Rose Of Jericho, coming out at the end of August, we have a preview for you. Here is "Amen, Said The Deacon."

-Jessie Scott


Will Sexton "Mr. Funny Business"

Who says you can't have magic in your life? In Nashville, I wound up at lunch with an old friend Bobby Keys, who proceeded to play me tunes he just demoed for an upcoming album with Dan Baird, Michael Webb, and Chark Kinsolving from the Mercy Lounge in Nashville. The band got together with the help of Shilah Morrow from Sin City for the tribute to Exile On Main Street during Americana Fest in September. They rock in that gritty, greasy way we love! Bobby played me some tracks from it in the car, and all I can say is I can't wait until this sees light of day!

Meantime, back to something we recorded at Cherokee Creek Music Festival, which rocks also, from the amazing Will Sexton. We do believe this is a brand new track, "Mr. Funny Business." We are loving the groove and the chops! Gotta go, running off to get situated at Bonnaroo, will write when I can. Connectivity allowing, of course, or stolen bandwidth, whatever comes first!

-Jessie Scott