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Jimmy LaFave "Hideaway Girl"

We have been on site at Cherokee Creek Music Festival, immersed in craft and song.  The music of three days has washed over us, the friends and fun has made for a memorable occasion.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be immersed in music like this.  Good songs.  A good song can be interpreted in lots of ways. A good song takes you there, communicates, coveys, can touch your soul.

In Keith Richards' book Life, which just came out in paperback and which I highly recommend, he talks about music structure.  I appreciate the peek behind the curtain, because it is not just the song, but then the sound, the texture, the way the lyrics lay into the music, Keith even talks about the use of certain syllables working in different situations.  Fascinating.  When I stop to think about it, about music in general, and specifically what moves me, it keeps coming back to a delivery of authenticity. I don't care whether the voice is beautiful or gruff, I do care that it all works together, the song, the message, the delivery system.

Saturday, we captured nine more sessions, from Jess Klein, Patterson Barrett, Jude Johnstone, Chip Dolan, John Fullbright, Malcolm Holcombe, Stonehoney, and Ray Bonneville. We will be bringing you music from these folks soon. A huge thanks to Kelcy Warren, Fred Remmert, Mark Huber, and Ashley Warren for making us welcome at Cherokee once again. And special thanks to Jimmy LaFave. He was so busy running around this weekend, that we didn't get a chance to tape him, so we are bringing you one from a couple of months back. You can feel the passion from Jimmy and band, Jeff Plankenhorn, Glen Schueltz, Chip Dolan, and Bobby Kallus. This is the second version of the song "Hideaway Girl" that we are bringing you. The first was on the Music Fog Bus at Folk Alliance two years ago, and this one is from the Music Fog Marathon in March at Threadgill's. They are both simply a joy.  And we thank you all.

-- Jessie Scott

Jimmy LaFave


Jack Ingram "Right For You"

Cherokee Creek Music Festival is a chill time, that demands you slow down and pay attention. It is a few days cut off from the world, with beautiful surroundings, exceptionally friendly people, great food and incredible music. I know, you are saying, Music Fog gets to do some unbelievable stuff. And you are right. We finished our studio build out yesterday afternoon, and then five artists came by to visit and play for us. We did sessions with Michael Fracasso, Will Sexton, Slaid Cleaves, Bob Schneider, and then Jack Ingram stopped by. Needless to say the big tent where the main performances are held was totally rocking. And we were quietly rockin’ in our space too.

We picked Jack Ingram to bring you. I am so proud of what he has done these last few years with the success he has achieved. He has been plying his craft for a long time, and it is always gratifying to see a good guy attain his dreams. After years in the worlds of Americana and Texas Music, Jack is enjoying a mainstream career, but continues to do things with integrity and class. We were honored he stopped by, and even more so, that he played a couple of brand new tunes for us. Here is one that he just wrote last week.