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Jack Ingram "Right For You"

Cherokee Creek Music Festival is a chill time, that demands you slow down and pay attention. It is a few days cut off from the world, with beautiful surroundings, exceptionally friendly people, great food and incredible music. I know, you are saying, Music Fog gets to do some unbelievable stuff. And you are right. We finished our studio build out yesterday afternoon, and then five artists came by to visit and play for us. We did sessions with Michael Fracasso, Will Sexton, Slaid Cleaves, Bob Schneider, and then Jack Ingram stopped by. Needless to say the big tent where the main performances are held was totally rocking. And we were quietly rockin’ in our space too.

We picked Jack Ingram to bring you. I am so proud of what he has done these last few years with the success he has achieved. He has been plying his craft for a long time, and it is always gratifying to see a good guy attain his dreams. After years in the worlds of Americana and Texas Music, Jack is enjoying a mainstream career, but continues to do things with integrity and class. We were honored he stopped by, and even more so, that he played a couple of brand new tunes for us. Here is one that he just wrote last week.



Chapin Sisters "Let Me Go"

Ah, the road.  I just love it!  Especially when it takes us to beautiful locations with amazing musicians.  Then, all is right with the world.  We are busy filming some of the people on the lineup at the fifth annual Cherokee Creek Music Festival, plus some of the folks who just happened to take the road trip to share this wonderful weekend.  Gonna have some cool surprises for you!

We finally got some rain in Texas on Thursday morning, and it cooled things off to the perfect temperature and feel on the skin.  It also inadvertently diverted Beans and Aaron’s flight to Houston, for an unscheduled refueling stop, before the second attempt to land in Austin.  After a Waffle House lunch, we embarked on our journey.  We got to Cherokee at the dinner hour, proceeded to start setting up, and once again are in this serene space, and are grinning from ear to ear.  BTW, Cherokee Creek Music Festival benefits several children’s charities, so it is indeed a good feeling deal.

Photo by Sita MarlierAnd while we are in music procurement mode here, we are still sorting through all the video from our Music Fog Marathon at Threadgill’s in March.  We were so happy to be able to showcase the Chapin Sisters on our stage.  Some things are just meant to be.  By way of introduction, they are Chapins, daughters of singer/songwriter Tom Chapin who has netted three Grammy’s for his childrens music; and they are nieces of folk hero Harry Chapin.  There is a wonderful counterpoint to their voices, there is a surefootedness to their songs, and they are a delight to behold.  In September of 2010 they put out their second full length album, Two, which followed the EP, Oh, Hear The Wind Blow.  From that EP, here is the song “Let Me Go.”

-- Jessie Scott

Oh, Hear The Wind Blow - EP - The Chapin Sisters