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David Jacobs-Strain "Rainbow Junkies"

Yoga DogSnap Crackle and Pop. I took my first yoga class after two decades, and am hearing the creaking. I am launching an offensive against the settling in of stiffness after surgery a few months back. And the class was glorious, with all the stretching and breathing. I bet I will be sore tomorrow, but I feel like I have accomplished something. As always, they played music in the class, which enhances the experience. The quiver of the peaceful woodwind reminds you to breathe deep.

So does the intro to today’s tune, “Rainbow Junkies” from David Jacobs-Strain. It’s from his 2008 release, Liar’s Day, which was produced by Kenny Passarelli, who is also playing bass on the record. They are joined on the album by Joe Vitale, who played Bonnaroo with Buffalo Springfield, on drums. By the way, Joe and Kenny were Joe Walsh’s rhythm section in the 70s. I guess if your interest is piqued, that means is you probably should pick up the album. We have David doing the song solo, from our Music Fog sessions during Americana Fest in Nashville in September.

-Jessie Scott

Rainbow Junkies - Liar's Day


Deadman "If I Lay Down In The River"

Life is pretty strange. When I was out west earlier this year with John Bohlinger, one of the folks that was sharing the stage with him was Claudia Williams from the legendary western outfit Montana Rose. Tuesday night I went to see her daughter Tessy Lou Williams with her band at the Saxon Pub for Happy Hour. She sings, how do we say, like clear mountain water, and it has an old school feel, but it is modern at the same time. Mighty sweet stuff. Ran into a couple of the guys from Deadman in the back room, and they were regaling me with tales of listening to the new stuff they are working on for the forthcoming album. Austin, It’s a contact sport.

We taped Deadman at Threadgill’s in March during the Music Fog Marathon. There were very happy that we didn’t squawk when all six of them piled into our tiny stage. They are Steven Collins on lead vocals and guitar, Kevin McCollough on guitar and backing vocals, Jacob Hildebrand on lead guitar, Matthew Mollica on keyboards and accordion, Kyle Schneider on drums, Lonnie Trevino Jr. on bass. There is quite the buzz here in Austin on them; their shows are celestial events. To wit, we offer this song, "If I Lay Down In The River."

-Jessie Scott

If I Lay Down In The River (Live) - Live At The Saxon Pub