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Mary Gauthier "Drag Queens In Limousines"

On the plane from New Orleans to Nashville, and then heading to Bonnaroo today. Somehow in the last week, I have visited eleven states, and have spent time in some of my favorite cities. Yes, I am tired, but exhilarated too, as this kind of movement rocks me. 24 hours in New Orleans is always a good touchstone. The part of town I was staying in reminds me of where I live in Austin; the other side of the tracks, a dicey, transitioning area. We needed some extra hands, so I talked to the man working on the house next door. He said, "Hell, I wouldn't want to hire anyone from around here." OK! New Orleans is on the slow comeback. There are still totally blighted areas, but the charm and spirit of the people is immediately enticing. You feel that things are regarded differently, just from the comebacks you get when you greet someone.

We bring you a New Orleans refugee, Mary Gauthier, who is now a Nashville resident. And a wholly appropriate song from her, that captures a snapshot  of NOLA back when Mary lived there. We recorded it in September 2010 in Nashville at AmericanaFest. And while we are on the subject of Americana, make sure you pick up the latest issue of Spin, titled The New Americana Revolution. Here, here!

Mary is doing a bunch of touring this summer, here is a taste, "Drag Queens In Limousines."

-Jessie Scott

Drag Queens in Limousines - Drag Queens in Limousines


Cracker "Eurotrash Girl"

A couple of days ago, I drove through Virginia on the way to New Orleans. As we started the road trip in DC, you really get the full effect when you drive the entire state, from the northern suburban sprawl of our Nation's Capital, to the incredible beauty of the rural mountains as you head southwest. Virginia is a state that very much embodies the cross cultural influences in America, from bustling and sophisticated, to home spun and natural. And it's all good. Virginia will soon lay claim to a new festival hosted by two native son bands, Sons Of Bill, and Cracker. Even the poster for the event was done by a Virginian, Wes Freed.

The inaugural event is coming up on June 17th and 18th at Misty Mountain Camp Resort, the first annual Campout East in Greenwood, Virginia. It will feature some of the area's best food, art, and cool music from some bands we love, with sets by Camper Van Beethoven, Those Darlins, The Futurebirds, American Aquarium, The Mag-bats featuring Wes Freed, Johnny Corndawg, and of course Sons Of Bill. Here is where to find out more info on ticketing, lodging and camping.

By the way, David Lowery of Cracker is producing the new Sons Of Bill record. Look for that to come out in a few months - but SOB will be touring this summer, as they just keep rolling down the highway. Also, note that Johnny Hickman of Cracker is about to drop a new Hickman Dalton Gang CD. (And we filmed Jim Dalton with Roger Clyne in Steamboat last January.) Lots of friends of the family here! We wanted to bring you a Cracker video today, from their 1994 EP Tucson which then found its way onto the Kerosene Hat album as an unlisted track, "Eurotrash Girl."

-Jessie Scott


Euro-Trash Girl - Get On With It - The Best of Cracker