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Hayes Carll "Chances Are"

I have got to quote some Townes Van Zandt here from “White Freight Liner,” “….Half of my friends are dying.” Monday I heard the news that Carl Gardner, who was a founding member of The Coasters, passed. I got to know him during my tenure at Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida, when I was working with the larger-than-life Wolfman Jack. My heart goes out to Carl’s wife and manager Veta and the rest of family. He was an American original, that’s for sure.

It has been a tapestry of rich threads, memorable characters, and as much present time as I can muster. During Bonnaroo on Friday, I wandered over to the Sonic Stage to see Hayes Carll’s performance there. Got to chat with him a minute afterwards. I am so proud of him for this album, and for being so nose to the grindstone as he has been for the last 5 years. The song that we bring you today speaks of all the broken heartedness that life has to offer, yet, the glimmer of hope that lives in each of our hearts. Keep it safe, protect it from the cold winds blowing it out, and it will serve you well. If it was 20 years ago, this would be a stone smash on country radio. But mainstream country don’t swing this way that much anymore. Good thing we do. “Chances Are” was filmed during our AmericanaFest coverage in Nashville in September.

-Jessie Scott

PS: There is now an official video for “Another Like You,” with a cameo from Mary Matalin and James Carville (WARNING: It starts with a commercial. We are sorry, but we can’t do anything about that.)
And there are a pile of dates coming.

Chances Are - KMAG YOYO (& Other American Stories)


Neil Young & Buffalo Springfield

I flew back from Bonnaroo on Sunday, and when ”For What It's Worth” played on my iPod, I got to savor the experience I had seeing them on Saturday night. It was a wonderful romp through the past. Neil Young, with his coltish energy; Richie Furay in fine voice; and Steve Stills ripping it up on guitar. They are obviously loving this moment together in the spotlight. At one point, Neil commented that they had never played in front of that many people before as the group Buffalo Springfield.

There was a lightning strike early on in the set, which knocked out the Jumbo-tron and some other stage lights. I was parked behind a metal barricade, actually standing on it and holding onto it, when it dawned on me that might not be such a great idea. I let go and jumped off, and the girl behind me said, "Listen, if you get killed by a bolt of lightning at a Buffalo Springfield concert at Bonnaroo, it would be epic. So I jumped back up and held on, no worse for wear, as it turned out. The set was especially memorable for the fact that I never thought I would hear any of those songs performed. There is such an interesting chemistry between their voices, which mesh to form something unique. I sang along to every song. They will play Farm Aid, and launch a 30 city tour in the fall, so see them if you can. I found a period piece video from the Hollywood Bowl that is a medley of “For What It’s Worth/Mr. Soul.

We also want to let you know that Neil Young has a country rock album coming out today; one from his vast archives called A Treasure, recorded with The International Harvesters during the 1984-1985 tour. It features five previously unreleased songs mixed in with older ones you know like "Flying On the Ground Is Wrong," "Are You Ready For the Country?"  and “Bound For Glory.” Here is Neil to tell you all about it, in typical snarky style, with some too-cool music clips.

-Jessie Scott