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Guy Forsyth "Everything Breaks"

Tomorrow, I take off for the High Sierra Music Festival on one of those WAY early in the morning flights. So weird to get to the airport before the sun comes up, and have it be a bustling hive of activity. Only way I have ever been able to get up early is by not going to bed the night before.  But I am gonna hook up with my old buddy Felton Pruitt from Fat Music, for a multiday webcast.  I can't wait to see the California mountains again, and Felton has put together quite the broadcast line up.

Photo by Aaron SettipaneIt'll be good to escape the 100 degree days in Austin, it's been way too hot this season.  I feel very comfortable here, even with the thermometer topping out in the triple digits.  A couple of Friday nights ago, Denise and I went to the Saxon Pub for the Guy Forsyth show.  He was in a deep indigo mood, with an unreal richness to the blues he was bringing.  He is one of those guys who can do it all, for real.  Name the genre, even Broadway, and Guy is a master at it.  He teaches Tai Chi once a week, and is working on his new album, which will have a philosophical bent. We should see the release next year. In the meantime, when Guy came by the Music Fog Marathon at Threadgill’s in March, he played some brand new tunes for us, like this one, “Everything Breaks."  Enjoy.

- Jessie Scott


The Greencards "Make It Out West"

Under the stars last week, The Greencards returned to Austin for their album release showcase at Threadgill’s. It is called The Brick Album, and was funded by fans, each getting their name on a proverbial brick. Incredible players and performers Carol Young and Kym Warner have added another couple of celestial instrumentalists to their minions, fiddler Tyler Andal and guitarist Carl Miner. It makes for a supercharged acoustic, acrobatic, and engaging night of music. Sample a track below.

Heart Fixer (feat. Vince Gill) by The Greencards

In my travels around Texas, let alone the United States, it is so good to see this caliber of music bubbling everywhere. This past Sunday, I got to hear Cody Canada and Seth James, Doug Moreland, Susan Gibson, and Wade Bowen at the Lonestar Music Store in Gruene to celebrate The Departed's This Is Indian Land album. Then I jetted over to Poodie's in Spicewood for Billy Joe Shaver, Gary P. Nunn, and Larry Joe Taylor. I was lucky to spend years at XM Radio, where I got to play all these folks, as well to get to know them. Many of the artists we bring you on the Music Fog pages, were played by my channel, X Country.

We didn't have the pleasure of filming the Greencards ourselves, not yet anyway, but we found a cool video for you today, produced by Monkeywhale, that features a tune from The Brick Album. And if they are coming to your town, make sure you go to see them. You will be blown away. Promise!

- Jessie Scott

Make It Out West (feat. Sam Bush) - The Brick Album