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The Cerny Brothers "Mower Man"

Seasons are a thing of wonder. Knowing that the temps will be changing soon makes for beautiful daydreams of sweatshirts and jackets. That said, it is the end of September, and down here in the South, summer is still ruling. Been up in the 90’s most days. This year, we planted herbs and tomatoes with a very nice yield. More to come for next year, for sure.

The good news is we are starting to see the occasional dried leaf drift across the lawn. Oh, the lawn! Yes, we are still having to tend to it. Today’s song is an homage to landscape professionals everywhere. This slice of life, “Mower Man,” comes from the uber talented duo, The Cerny Brothers, as penned by their father. Music Fog caught up with them at the beginning of this year for this exclusive recording, not yet found on an album. Hey guys, watch that particulate matter…it can cause allergies!

- Jessie Scott

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