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Becky Warren "We're All We Got"

What were you doing in 1969? My radio station, WMOT, was signing on for the very first time. It happened on April 9th at 5pm, and we are celebrating the moment with an event at that very time. Liz Brasher, AJ Croce and Adam Wakefield will be joining us to bring the tunes and WMOT will be broadcasting live, plus providing a live video feed on NPR Music/VuHaus. 1969 was just a bit before I got into radio, but FM was already a focus for me. The music was hypnotic. It was also a cultural beacon, bringing us together to protest, and soothing our souls. It was an important voice in our lives. Of course, we Foggers still think it is.

Today’s video is from the courageous Becky Warren, who writes from a very 60’s perspective, putting danger aside to get the story. Her last album was centered in the stories of returning soldiers. The new album, Undesirable, was written from the perspective of the folks selling newspapers on the corners of Nashville streets. Becky hung out with them to gain their trust and hear their stories. It begat songs that are deep and rich. Check this out and see if it doesn’t resonate. We know these folks...we see them every day. Becky Warren’s “We’re All We Got,” as captured by Music Fog this past February in Nashville.

- Jessie Scott

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