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The Trishas "Clockwork"

At long last, it is release day for The Trishas’ new CD! We have watched them percolate their plan for almost four year, playing together tentatively at first, then with more awareness and commitment to the idea of a collective. They have a loyal and growing audience that hangs on every beautiful note of the close harmony they bring. They released an EP in 2010 (they called it a mini-album) They Call Us The Trishas. Yahoo! Today is the day their new delivery, their first full length album, High, Wide, & Handsome, is born.

The Trishas have defied the conventional wisdom for career women, which dictates you have to take care of the ‘biz’ first. As they have bonded with each other and grown their extended family, they have also fallen in love and paired off, and Jamie and Savannah have had babies. And the family grows further, with collaborations from some major players on the new album; Bruce Robison, John Eddie, and Savannah’s dad Kevin Welch, and her brother Dustin Welch, Jason Eady, Owen Temple and Turnpike Troubadour Evan Felker. Oh, and Jim Lauderdale helped out as he co-authored a bonus, download-only track, “A Far Cry From You,” that features Raul Malo on vocals. Satisfying stuff indeed. Music Fog takes you back to the Spring Marathon 2011 at Threadgill’s for The Trishas with a song that is not found on the new album. Here is “Clockwork,” actually the second time we have recorded it, with the first being at MusicFest at Steamboat Springs.

- Jessie Scott

High, Wide & Handsome - The Trishas

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